Abrahamson - Leader of PEER Lifelines Program

August 26, 2019

PEER is pleased to announce that Norman Abrahamson, Adjunct Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Departments at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, is taking the leadership role of the PEER Lifelines Research Program.

The goal of the PEER Lifelines program is to improve seismic safety and reliability of lifeline systems. The projects in this program are mostly user-driven research projects, with strong collaboration among sponsoring lifelines organizations and PEER researchers. The PEER Lifelines program has successfully brought together multidisciplinary teams of practicing engineers (geotechnical, structural); scientists (geologists, seismologists, social scientists); funding agencies (Federal, State of California, private industry); academicians, and end-users.

"Norm is the perfect leader for the Lifelines Program, given his expertise, highly regarded work, and knowledge of the needs and resources of this topic. PEER looks forward to the sustenance and growth in this important research area," said Khalid Mosalam, PEER Director.