Bray Honored with 2019 Karl Terzaghi Award

February 13, 2019

Jonathan D. Bray, Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence and Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley, has been honored by ASCE with the 2019 Karl Terzaghi Award which is presented for outstanding contributions to knowledge in the fields of soil mechanics, subsurface and earthwork engineering, and subsurface and earthwork construction.  Bray received the award for his effective leadership and contributions to the geotechnical engineering profession, and for expanding the state of the art of the profession.

Bray has participated in numerous PEER projects, and recent activities include post-earthquake investigations in New Zealand and Napa, California, with an emphasis on liquefaction and surface fault rupture.  He recently hosted  “US-New Zealand-Japan International Workshop, Liquefaction-Induced Ground Movement Effects” and is conducting research on a PEER funded project “Liquefaction Triggering and Effects at Silty Soil Sites.”