Call for Papers to Special Issue on Health Monitoring of Structures

June 25, 2021

The journal "Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering" is planning a special issue on innovations in structural health monitoring and has released a call for papers. Since 2001 twelve special issues of "Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering" have been devoted to Health Monitoring of Structures, and another special issue of the journal will be devoted to this topic in early 2022.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to computational advances in structural health monitoring and performance evaluation, early-warning and damage assessment, and structural self-diagnostics/ prognostics/ condition-based maintenance. Papers that use methods from machine learning and/or explicitly treat uncertainty are encouraged. The journal is primarily interested in original research papers describing novel computational algorithms, models, and methodologies. Papers describing computer programs or software systems are not suitable. Straightforward widely-used neural network applications are also not suitable.

Read more about the submittal process. Deadline for statements of intent is September 15, 2021.