OpenSRA Report - OpenSRA Report

March 30, 2023

The California Energy Commission has published “Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Assessment Tool for Natural Gas Storage and Pipeline Systems, Task 3 - OpenSRA Report.” It was written by Barry Zheng, Micaela Largent, Tom Clifford, and Jennie Watson-Lamprey - Slate Geotechnical Consultants.

The publication is an interim project report for the OpenSRA project. OpenSRA is a new open-source seismic risk assessment software tool for gas utility regulators and owners that will enable them to strategically assess challenges posed by the risk from earthquakes. This report focuses on the implementation of models into OpenSRA and the overall development of the software. OpenSRA calculates the seismic risk of natural gas infrastructure by calculating the seismic demands (fault displacement, ground shaking, and ground displacement) and the component fragility (buried pipelines, wells and caprocks, and well-trees and pressure vessels).

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