PEER Research Project Highlight: "Fluid–Structure Interaction and Python Scripting Capabilities in OpenSees"

May 8, 2018

The impact of a PEER funded research project "Fluid–Structure Interaction and Python Scripting Capabilities in OpenSees" is highlighted below. The project Principal Investigator is Minjie Zhu, Oregon State University.

Download the Research Project Highlight which includes the abstract. (PDF)

Research Impact

This project will increase the user base of OpenSees with the popular Python interpreting and improve the user experience of OpenSees with a friendlier user interface. The wide array of libraries available in Python, e.g. numpy, pandas, etc., will allow OpenSees to be used in a variety of Python-based applications. The continued development of OpenSees for FSI via the PFEM will support the development of fragility curves and other structural engineering applications using the nonlinear structural models with which current OpenSees users feel most comfortable.