Projects Awarded from PEER TSRP RFP 21-01 (Projects), 21-02 (Workshops), and PEER-Bridge Program RFP 21-03, 21-04

December 17, 2021

PEER has two continuing funding sources: Transportation Systems Research Program (TSRP) from the State of California, and PEER-Bridge Research program from California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The purpose of the TSRP program is to lessen the impacts of earthquakes on the transportation systems of California, including highways and bridges, port facilities, high-speed rail, airports, and other related structures. The PEER-Bridge program is a streamlined framework of the Caltrans bridge research program, supporting innovative work on a wide range of topics such as new materials, accelerated bridge construction, maintenance, sustainability, design and analysis. TSRP program is open to researchers from all PEER core institutions, where as PEER-Bridge program is open to researchers from all public core institutions.

In Fall 2021, there were four (4) RFPs issued from these two programs. RFP 21-01 solicited proposals on the topic of regional-scale simulation of networks. Supplementing PEER’s efforts on a wide range of topics, RFP 21-02 sought proposals on workshops. RFP 21-03 was focused on design hazard levels for temporary bridges, and RFP 21-04 was to develop heuristics to identify recovery bridges in a transportation network.

A total of 22 proposals were received in response to these RFPs. Each of the TSRP proposals received three independent reviews from the pool of reviewers, and PEER-Bridge proposals received review from the Caltrans Technical Advisory Committee. Based on pre-defined evaluation criteria specified in the RFPs and factors such as the level of engagement with the PEER core institutions, 10 new projects were awarded, comprising a total funding of $840,000.

PEER thanks all the PIs who submitted proposals, and the efforts and detailed feedback from the reviewers. Details of the funded projects and workshops are provided below.

TSRP Funded Projects:

A3 - Development of PBE for other Natural Hazards
Workshop Title: Behavior of Steel Structures in Fire: A Workshop on Fundamentals and Simulation Tools
PI: Erica Fischer, Oregon State University; Co-PIs / Collaborators: Negar Elhami - Khorasani, Thomas Gernay, Ali Ashrafi

G1 - Liquefaction Triggering Criteria
Workshop Title: Workshop Towards Consensus on Liquefaction Susceptibility
PI: Armin Stuedlein, Oregon State University; Co-PIs / Collaborators: Jonathan P. Stewart, T. Matthew Evans

M3 - Uncertainty Quantification
Workshop Title: PBSD of Bridges: Current Practice and Future Developments
PI: Jose Restrepo, UC San Diego Co-PIs / Collaborators: Joel P. Conte, Sashi Kunnath, Ian Buckle, Norm Abrahamson

R1 - Regional-scale Simulation of Networks
Project Title: PEER Online Tool for Access to Simulated Ground Motions from Large Magnitude Events
PI: Norman Abrahamson, UC Berkeley

R1 - Regional-scale Simulation of Networks
Project Title: Development of the PEER Simulated Ground-Motion Database (PEER-SGD) for PBEE of Transportation Systems
PI: David McCallen, University of Nevada, Reno; Co-PI / Collaborator: Florina Petrone

R1 - Regional-scale Simulation of Networks
Project Title: Surrogate Models of Highway Bridges for Regional-scale Earthquake Simulations of Transportation Networks
PI: Greg Deierlein, Stanford University

R1 - Regional-scale Simulation of Networks
Project Title: Identification of Critical Ground-Motion and Bridge Features for Performance Assessment of Regional Transportation Networks
PI: Marc Eberhard, University of Washington; Co-PIs / Collaborators: Jeffrey Berman, Nasser Marafi, Chris Motter

PEER-Bridge Funded Projects:

Project Title: Liquefaction-Induced Ground Settlement Procedure
PI: Jonathan Bray, UC Berkeley

Project Title: Hazard-Based Risk and Cost-Benefit Assessment of Temporary Bridges in California
PI: Floriana Petrone, University of Nevada, Reno; Co-PI / Collaborator: Sashi Kunnath

Project Title: Prioritizing Regional Needs for Recovery Bridges through Post-earthquake Corridor Identification and System Fragility Assessment of the SF Region
PI: Kenichi Soga, UC Berkeley; Co-PIs / Collaborators: Tracy Becker, Ziqi Wang, Jane Macfarlane, Bingyu Zhao