Research Video Contest Now Open

Bridge Corridors for Optimal Seismic Risk Management of Road Networks,

Example video for Research Video Contest

October 11, 2021

Submit a Research Video!

The PEER Student Committee (PSC) is organizing a video series for PEER students and researchers to present their research projects, share their experiences as a PEER researcher, and showcase activities which complement their work or studies. An example video can be found here. These 5-10 minute videos will be uploaded to the PEER YouTube channel and the students will be invited to present and lead discussion on their videos at PEER Student Meetings. The videos will also be entered into an annual Research Video Contest. A committee will judge the contest on a monthly basis, by which three winners will be chosen at the end of each year. The winners will receive a “Best Project Video Award” presented at the PEER Annual Meeting.

Research Video Contest Rubric

On a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 indicating that the goal is not achieved and 5 indicating that the goal is surpassed outstandingly) the videos will be rated on how well they meet the following criteria:

  1. Content (30%): The video presents high-impact, substantial, and/or novel content which is relevant or complementary to PEER’s vision or activities. In particular, the video reflects PEER’s mission to develop, validate and disseminate performance- based engineering technologies for the built environment, promoting community resilience to natural hazards and extreme events.
  2. Presentation quality (30%): The video content is presented in an engaging manner with captivating audio-visual composition. This score is especially high if the video employs innovative graphics.
  3. Content depth (30%): Content of the video should target technical audience in Earthquake Engineering and related fields, but also should be comprehensible by the general public.
  4. Video editing and quality (10%): Although it is not expected that the video is edited in a professional way, it is expected that the video displays a clear image and sound.