StEER Report for Ridgecrest, California, Earthquakes

July 9, 2019

StEER logoThe Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance (StEER) Network has issued a Preliminary Virtual Reconnaissance Report (PVRR) for M 6.4 and M 7.1 Ridgecrest, California, earthquakes that occurred July 4 and 5, 2019. This report overviews the hazard characteristics of the earthquakes, the regulatory context and emergency response, the impacts of these earthquakes on the built environment, and current conditions by collocating publicly-reported information and was prepared in collaboration with EERI’s Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance Team (VERT). As the DOI for the report curated at DesignSafe is still pending, those interested can immediately access the report at:

As structural damage due to seismic loading was minimal, StEER will not deploy a Field Assessment Structural Team (FAST) at this time but will continue to support local collaborators already conducting structural assessments on the ground. Should significant structural damage be revealed through ongoing local investigations or due to subsequent aftershocks, StEER may deploy a FAST. An announcement of any decision regarding FASTs will be circulated to StEER members by email and on the #steer slack channel. 

Visit the StEER website ( for more information on this and other event responses, as well as to "join StEER" to stay connected with StEER activities.

Lead Author: Khalid M. Mosalam, University of California, Berkeley

Co-Authors (in alphabetical order):
Veronica Abuchar, Universidad del Norte
Jorge Archbold, University of California, Berkeley
Carlos A. Arteta, Universidad del Norte - CEER
Erica C. Fischer, Oregon State University
Selim Günay, University of California, Berkeley
Manny Hakhamaneshi, Caltrans & Cal State East Bay
Wael M. Hassan, University of Alaska, Anchorage
Laura Micheli, Iowa State University
Sifat Muin, University of California, Berkeley
Cesar Pajaro, Universidad del Norte
Han Peng, Harbin Institute of Technology
Renmin Pretell, University of California, Davis
Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii
Xavier Vera, GeoEstudios and UCSG, Ecuador
Katerina Ziotopoulou, University of California, Davis