NGA-East Technical Update: now available!

PEER’s NGA-East project is pleased to announce their research progress in the last 3 months.  In this first Technical Update release, you can read about the recent work from all tasks currently underway.  

To read more, visit the NGA-East Technical Update for the first quarter of 2012.

Some interesting updates include:

  • The ground motion database for the Central and Eastern North America (CENA) region is now complete and going through an independent quality assurance assessment.
  • The Geotechnical Working Group has been making progress on many tasks, including the refinement of their proposed reference rock definition, the further population of the site profile database and the development of site correction factors at recording stations from CENA. 
  • Regionalization tasks are also moving forward, notably with the compilation of an updated catalog of CENA crustal structure properties. Dr Boore (USGS) recently published a new paper on stress parameters for nine well-recorded CENA earthquakes and is working with Prof. Gail Atkinson (University of Western Ontario, Canada) on empirical Green’s functions analyses to estimate the stress parameter from ratios of Fourier acceleration spectra. Dr Jack Boatwright (USGS) is making progress on his attenuation and crustal damping models.
  • The finite-fault simulations validation exercise now includes the 2011 Mineral, VA earthquake in addition to the existing 7 scenarios. Dr Somerville submitted his report on Magnitude-Area relationships that will be used in the forward simulations. 
  • Dr. Boore and Dr. Eric Thompson (Research Assistant Professor, Tufts University) finalized a paper in which they provide an improved equation for computing duration for root-mean-square oscillator response in the random vibration simulations for the stochastic model. This model will be used in NGA-East to simulate some of the ground motions for GMPE development.

For more information about the NGA-East project, go to: NGA EAST

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