The NISEE-PEER Library Membership Renewal

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This July, the NISEE-PEER online archive will begin renewing memberships on an annual basis for the first time in over 10 years. Over 8,000 existing members were notified by email to renew their memberships.

Need to purchase a new membership? Please sign up on the NISEE-PEER online archive home page at: After your membership expires, you will be prompted to renew when you attempt to login to the NISEE-PEER online archive.

Membership Benefits
PEER Library’s National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering (NISEE) project at the University of California, Berkeley provides low-cost annual membership ($25) for access to scholarly research collections of text, data, software, movies and images that document earthquake engineering research and development.

The NISEE-PEER online archive contains more than 20,000 texts, 11,000 images, 146 software and movies, strong ground motion records, and some experimental research data. Special collections include:

•  Full digital text of all PEER Reports, UCB/EERC Reports, UCB/Geoengineering
    Reports, UCB/SEMM-SESM Reports and links to other university reports

•  William H. Godden Structural Engineering Slide Library; a teaching resource developed over
    thirty years of university teaching experience – extended and expanded for NISEE

•  Jan T. Kozak Historical Earthquakes Collection featuring more than 1200 images
    of earthquakes and earthquake damage from pre-photographic records

•  Karl V. Steinbrugge Slide and Photograph Collection of World Earthquakes and
    Earthquake Engineering; an extensive collection of images documenting more than 95
    damaging earthquakes worldwide

•  NISEE Software Catalog providing more than 100 older archived programs in source
    and executable formats for researchers

•  PEER reinforced concrete beam column Structural Performance Database