Current Issue of Earthquake Spectra focused on NGA models is published

cover eqs

This week the February 2008 issue of the earthquake engineering journal, Earthquake Spectra (EQS), was released. The entire issue is dedicated to research papers about the Next Generation Attenuation (NGA) models. A listing of the researcher papers included in the EQS issue may be found at the NGA project web page.

The NGA project (commonly referred to as NGA-West) has been a multi-disciplinary and multi-year research program successfully coordinated by PEER. The project goal was to develop new models from recent research developments that more accurately predict ground motions for the west coast of the United States. The success of this effort is easily seen by the fact that the US Geological Survey has adopted the NGA models for the recently released 2008 US National Seismic Hazard Maps.

Development of the NGA models and database was supported by the California Department of Transportation, California Energy Commission, and Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

EQS is published by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.

posted June 20, 2008