PEER's Summer Interns Assist with Key Research Projects

PEER is hosting five interns at UC Berkeley this summer. These students will learn about earthquake engineering and how to conduct research experiments on civil engineering applications. The students are Veronica Crothers from San Francisco State University; Kristopher Darnell of the University of Texas at Austin; Daniel Lombardi of Syracuse University; Nicholas Trombetta of the University of Virginia; and Orry Zumbiel of the University of Kentucky. Daniel, Nicholas and Orry will work with Professor Jack Moehle; Veronica will assist Professor Steve Mahin; and Kristopher will work with Professor Khalid Mosalam. In addition to these interns, there are eight students being hosted at various other PEER core institutions.

Kristopher Darnell, a student of Prof. Khalid Mosalam, is running a nonlinear analysis of a test specimen using the finite element software package Diana, while also overseeing the construction of the specimen.

kristopher darnell

Nick Trombetta works on column testing in Prof. Jack Moehle's lab

nick trombetta

Dan Lombardi joins the PEER research team to assist Prof. Jack Moehle

dan lombardi