Institute of Engineering Mechanics in China launches 2009 Young Researcher Exchange Program

The Institute of Engineering Mechanics (IEM), China Earthquake Administration (CEA) is a national non-profit commonwealth research organization, and its main research fields are earthquake engineering and safety engineering. IEM will launch the "Young Researcher Exchange Program", and 3-5 outside researchers will be accepted in 2009.

Exchange opportunities in 2009:

  1. Seismic Vulnerability of Engineering Structures: Research on Haz-China system
  2. Vibration based structural health monitoring; NEES based earthquake engineering experimental method.
  3. The strong-motion observation technology and strong-motion data utilization. This involved topics could be strong-motion data acquisition and processing, strong-motion station soil classification, attenuation relationship in China, or site effect analysis based on the strong-motion data. This is also cooperated with China Strong Motion Network Center which is affiliated to IEM/CEA.

Working period and Costs:
The working period in IEM is 3 to 6 months, and IEM will cover his (or her) international round trip tickets and accommodation at IEM.

The application in English should be sent to IEM by E-mail which including: 1) Curriculum vitae, 2) List of publications and 3) Letter of recommendation

For A. please contact Prof. Baitao SUN (
For B. please contact Prof. Xun GUO (
For C. please contact Prof. Ruizhi WEN (

For more information, please contact
Bing BAI, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Office, IEM
Tel.: +86-451-86652900(O) +86-451-86652651(Fax)

posted July 14, 2009