PEER Reports 2005/09 and 2006/05 Receive SEAONC Award of Excellence

At the May 5th Structural Engineers Association of Northern California Meeting in San Francisco, an Award of Excellence was given to the Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines drafted by PEER Rresearchers. This project was a good example of how PEER academic researchers collaborate with industry professionals to develop tools that enhance the practice of earthquake engineering. The two PEER reports summarizing this project, as well as all other PEER reports, can be downloaded free of charge, or hard copies can be ordered from our PEER's publications page.

PEER 2005/09 - Test Applications of Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
J. Maffei, K. Telleen, D. Mohr, W. Holmes, Y. Nakayama - Report (6.8 MB)
PEER 2006/05 - Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
P. Bazzurro, C. Cornell, C. Menun, M. Motahari, N. Luco - Report (1.2 MB)

posted June 24, 2009