PEER Response to M7.8 Muisne, Ecuador Earthquake

The M7.8 earthquake in Muisne, Ecuador on April 16 has caused severe damage and collapse of numerous buildings resulting in over 600 casualties about one week after the event. Refer to the USGS summary for more information.

Since the initial earthquake, PEER has reached out to PEER core institutions, industry partners, and colleague organizations, some who are in the effected area. On April 20, PEER hosted an “information hub” conference call where colleagues shared information about field conditions and reconnaissance plans. Preliminary reports state that multi-story concrete buildings collapsed, and rescue efforts are hindered by numerous significant aftershocks. Roads and bridges have been adversely impacted. The situation continues to change, and there will be things that can be learned about site effects, structures, infrastructure performance, performance of building contents, impact to businesses, and the local and global economy.

Refer to the Earthquake Briefings page for more information and resources.

PEER will continue to monitor the situation and determine appropriate actions. For inquiries please contact Grace Kang, Director of Communications, at