2016 PEER Annual Meeting: Presentations on the Website

The 2016 PEER Annual Meeting was held on January 28-29, 2016, at the International House on the UC Berkeley campus. “Decision-Making in the Face of Uncertainty” featured the role of multi-disciplinary performance-based engineering with seismic and related natural hazards to achieve community resiliency. The meeting opened on Thursday, January 28, with plenary sessions highlighting the role of PEER research in the fields of performance-based engineering and resilience, with focus on buildings and infrastructure subjected to various geohazards and tsunami. On Friday, January 29, concurrent breakout sessions were formatted for more detailed discussion and engagement to identify areas where research and development of technology and tools are needed for effective decision-making.

The meeting was well attended by researchers from PEER core institutions, practitioners, and students. Many of the presentations from the meeting have been posted to the program website, and more will be posted in the coming week.