Stanford School of Earth Sciences Distinguished Lecture on February 24

Stanford School of Earth Sciences Distinguished Lecture by Ross Stein entitled “From Fishnet Stockings to Falling Apples: Earthquake Interaction on the Scale of a Fault to the Planet” will take place on Monday, February 24, 2014, at 4:15 pm at the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center at Stanford University. A short reception will follow the talk.

To explore the fundamental riddle of earthquakes — why quakes are sporadic when the forces that drive them are steady — Stein will use QuakeCaster, a demonstration tool he developed that provides a way to visualize how researchers are making progress in the difficult problem of earthquake forecasting. He will then delve into the strange world of earthquake interaction and triggering, using computer animations and slides to extend the demo into three dimensions. These show how stress triggering can make sense out of earthquake sequences in California, Turkey, Japan, and Indonesia. Finally, Stein will argue that very rarely, San Andreas-like megaquakes trigger large aftershocks all over the globe.

More information at the Stanford School of Earth Sciences website.