PEER NGA-West2 research program releases Excel file of five horizontal Ground Motion Prediction Equations

After publishing reports describing the five new horizontal ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) in late 2013, the NGA-West2 researchers have now released the coded GMPEs. An Excel file is now available for free download from the PEER website that contains all five horizontal GMPEs. The file gives the weighted average of peak values and the response spectra of the NGA-West2 horizontal GMPEs.

The following researchers developed the five GMPE models during a multi-year research program.

• Norman A. Abrahamson, Walter J. Silva, and Ronnie Kamai
• David M. Boore, Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, and Gail M. Atkinson
• Kenneth W. Campbell and Yousef Bozorgnia
• Brian S.J. Chiou and Robert R. Youngs
• M. Idriss

The release of this Excel file will allow researchers to use the GMPEs to create response spectra for various research and application projects. In a separate activity, the new GMPEs will be added to an updated version of the PEER Online Ground Motion Database in Spring 2014, which will provide a user-friendly tool that can be used by both practitioners and researchers.

NGA-West2 has been financially supported by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). Other research products and findings of the NGA-West2 project include many published reports describing the newly updated ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) and other research studies supporting GMPE development, along with the NGA-West2 Database Flatfile. For more information, visit the NGA-West2 website.