Call for Abstracts - Performanced-Based Engineering Minisymposium at COMPDYN 2011

3rd International Conference on Computational Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering

26-28 May 2011
Corfu, Greece

Abstract submission

Abstract submission is now open for COMPDYN 2011 Minisymposium 18 entitled "Performance-Based Engineering." Contributions to this Minisymposium can be submitted online through the website of COMPDYN 2011. Please note the important dates below regarding submission deadlines. The Minisymposium organizers can be contacted for further information.

Important dates

  • – Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 October 2010
  • – Notification of abstract acceptance: 31 December 2010
  • – Deadline for early registration: 21 February 2011

Minisymposium Organizers

Description of the Minisymposium Focus and Purpose

Performance-Based Engineering (PBE) is an emerging philosophy for rehabilitation, design, construction, and maintenance of existing and/or new engineered systems. PBE departs from the prescriptive approach, typical of past and current design codes, and focuses on the engineering system performance from the viewpoints of stake holders, contractors, designers, and society at large. In structural and/or geotechnical engineering, this new concept leads to new analysis and design methodologies that allow for cost effective retrofit, design, construction and maintenance of facilities. PBE requires the use of advanced mechanics-based models able to simulate reliably the mechanical behavior of engineering systems particularly in their nonlinear (material and geometric) range of behavior. PBE methodologies must also rigorously account for the uncertainties in material properties, geometry, construction methodologies, modeling assumptions and loading environment.

This minisymposium provides the opportunity to present current research efforts and findings in PBE with application to real-world engineering systems subjected to natural and man-made hazards. Contributions regarding PBE from different sub-fields of structural engineering, such as earthquake/wind/hurricane/fire/offshore/aerospace engineering, are welcome. The objective is to bring together researchers and engineers active in these topical areas to share their experience and latest results, with particular focus on real-world applications. Papers that address conceptual, theoretical, computational and methodological developments, or novel and/or large- scale applications, are of interest for this minisymposium.

posted September 9, 2010