Validus Sponsors PEER Lifelines Program

Validus Research, Inc. has become a new sponsor of PEER’s Lifelines Program through the establishment of a new research gift and the signing of a new memorandum of understanding with PEER.

The support from Validus will cover a variety of urgent research topics related to earthquake risk and consequence quantification. Some possible research areas include:

  • – Liquefaction
  • – Tsunami
  • – Quantification of building damage vulnerability curve
  • – Business interruption
  • – Impacts from fire following earthquakes
  • – Loss amplification of large events
  • – Ground Motion hazards

PEER extends its thanks to Validus for their research support and is looking forward to starting this new collaboration in early 2014.

Validus is an insurance and reinsurance company that underwrites a portfolio of primarily short-tail insurance and reinsurance business that aims to give superior risk and return characteristics. Validus also has a research arm that is focused on risk modeling and risk analytics.