OpenFresco (the Open-source Framework for Experimental Setup and Control) is an environment-independent software framework, that connects finite element models with control and data acquisition systems in laboratories to facilitate hybrid simulation of structural and geotechnical systems.

OpenFrescoExpress is a self-contained software package, including a easy-to-use graphical user interface, that facilitates hybrid testing of systems having up to two degrees of freedom. OpenFrescoExpress addresses the needs of a wide range of users including:

  • - laboratory staff and research students learning about hybrid simulation and starting to use this experimental testing method.
  • - staff and students at laboratories that regularly use hybrid simulation but desire a tool for quick demonstration of the hybrid simulation testing method.
  • - researchers who are conducting simple tests and would like to take advantage of a graphical user interface that quickly and easily displays useful real-time test data.
  • - graduate students and researchers who are not at a laboratory but wish to run the software as a pure simulation tool to learn more about hybrid simulation and how it works.

OpenFresco is a robust middleware software package for performing hybrid simulations involving numerical models, test specimens, experimental setups and loading conditions that are larger and more complex than those considered by OpenFrescoExpress. It targets researchers, graduate students and laboratory staff that are more experienced in the concept and application of the hybrid simulation method. It is suited for advanced hybrid simulation when the users have analytical model and/or experimental specimen configurations that exceed the capabilities of the OpenFrescoExpress version, and/or have the desire and need to create their own custom graphical user interface.

Development of OpenFresco and OpenFrescoExpress have been supported by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) and others.

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