PEER Response to M6.2 Norcia, Italy Earthquake

The M6.2 earthquake near Norcia, Italy on August 24 has been followed by over a dozen significant aftershocks. Severe damage and collapse of numerous buildings have resulted in over 260 casualties and nearly 400 injured a few days after the event. Refer to the USGS summary for more information.

Since the initial earthquake, PEER has reached out to PEER core institutions, industry partners, and colleague organizations, some who are in the effected area. A colleague in the area noted that although the general population in the medieval centers struck by the quake is relatively small, this is the height of the tourist season, so many people were effected. Regarding reconstruction, it would be interesting to observe the performance of buildings that were reconstructed after the Marche-Umbria earthquake of a few years ago.

The situation continues to change, and there will be things that can be learned about site effects, structures, infrastructure performance, performance of building contents, impact to businesses, and the local and global economy.

Refer to the Earthquake Briefings page for more information and resources.  This page will be updated over time.

PEER will continue to monitor the situation and determine appropriate actions. For inquiries please contact Grace Kang, Director of Communications, at