PEER Supported Tsunami Research Published in Journal of Disaster Research

Recent tsunami research supported by PEER has been issued in the following publication.

“Performance-Based Tsunami Engineering via a Web-Based GIS Data Explorer” [PDF], written by Dylan Keon, Cherri M. Pancake, Ben Steinberg, and Harry Yeh, Oregon State University, was published in the Journal of Disaster Research, Vol.11 No. 4, 2016.


This research paper introduces a new web-based tool, the Data Explorer, which facilitates the exploration and extraction of numerical tsunami simulation data. The Data Explorer is unique in its ability to retrieve time series data from massive output datasets in less than a second, its capacity to run in a standard web browser, and its user-centric approach. To demonstrate the tool’s performance and utility, two examples of hypothetical cases are presented. Its usability, together, with essentially instantaneous retrieval of data, makes simulation-base analysis and subsequent quantification of uncertainties accessible, enabling a path to future design decisions based on science, rather than relying solely on expert judgement.