Request for Proposals on Non-Convergence – PEER Lifelines Program

PEER is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals on Non-Convergence for the PEER Lifelines Program.

This RFP seeks proposals that address the analysis challenge encountered at high levels of loading, when a significant percentage of nonlinear time history analyses fail to converge. Ignoring these runs completely may result in a substantial underestimation of the true collapse probability. Conversely, assuming all instances of non-convergence reflect physical collapse would result in an overestimation of the collapse probability. Recommendations are sought for mitigation of non-convergence problems using improved numerical methods such as explicit integration or adaptive switching between integration methods and nonlinear solvers. Recommendations should be applicable to modern reinforced concrete highway bridges. Proposed solutions must be implementable in several software platforms including OpenSees and CSiBridge.

View the detailed solicitation, proposal template, and submission instructions.

The deadline for technical proposal submissions is November 14, 2016.

For this solicitation, only public institutions within the PEER Core Universities are eligible to submit proposals due to requirements by the funding source.

The goal of the PEER Lifelines program is to improve seismic safety and reliability of lifeline systems.  For more information, visit the PEER Lifelines website.