structural performance database

This site provides the results of over 400 cyclic, lateral-load tests of reinforced concrete columns. The database describes tests of:

  • spiral or circular hoop-reinforced columns (with circular, octagonal or rectangular cross-sections)
  • rectangular reinforced columns
  • columns with or without splices

For each test where the information is available, the database provides the:

  • column geometry
  • column material properties
  • column reinforcing details
  • test configuration (including P-delta configuration)
  • axial load
  • digital force-displacement history at the top of the column
  • top displacement that preceded various damage observations
  • key drawings and images (where available)
  • comments (e.g., unusual characteristics)
  • references and links for further information

Detailed information is available in the user manual (424K PDF).


This database was assembled as a service to the research community in earthquake engineering. The University of Washington, PEER and the researchers who performed the experiments make no warranties to the accuracy of the information that has been collected. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Marc Eberhard at the University of Washington or Debra Bartling at the University of California, Berkeley.


Our greatest thanks go to the many researchers who generously shared their test data. Wherever possible, users of this database should cite the original references for the test description, in addition to this database.

The core of the database was assembled by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), who collected data for 92 test of columns with circular spiral or hoop-reinforced columns and 107 tests of columns with rectangular reinforcement. For each test, the NIST database described the reported test geometry, material properties, top force-displacement histories and a reference. Dr. Andrew Taylor, formerly of NIST, provided invaluable assistance in developing the database.

The column data was collected and processed by University of Washington students Michael Berry, Haili Camarillo, Amit Mookerjee, Myles Parrish, and Zachary Price. Mr. Berry and Mr. Price were supported by the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates Program.

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The Structural Performance Database is a project of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, funded by the National Science Foundation. Contact Marc Eberhard at the University of Washington with questions or comments. Report technical problems to the server administrator. Copyright 2003.