SSA 2013 Special Session: Implementation of Physics-Based Earthquake Source and Ground Motion Findings in Engineering Solution Models

The Seismological Society of America (SSA) will host its 2013 Annual Meeting from 17-19 April, 2013, in Salt Lake City. All PEER researchers are invited to attend the meeting as well as a special session titled “Implementation of Physics-Based Earthquake Source and Ground Motion Findings in Engineering Solution Models.”

The session aims to integrate earthquake scientists and earthquake engineers, with the goal to promote the implementation of physics-based earthquake research advancements into engineering practice. Contributions from any aspect related to this topic are encouraged and abstract submission is due January 10.

More details are included below or at the SSA Annual Meeting website.

Session Summary:
To reduce the impact of earthquakes on human lives and our environments it is fundamental to marry earthquake science and engineering practice. To reach this goal it is necessary to promote the continue integration between earthquake scientists and earthquake engineers. Recent developments of physics-based earthquakes models have contributed to substantial advances in our understanding of different aspects related to the earthquake mechanism and spatial distribution of near source ground motion. A further collaboration with the engineering community certainly would improve our ability to merge these physics-based findings into engineering solution models. We welcome novel studies that promote the implementation of seismology research advancements into engineering practice. These advances range from increased understanding in the basic physics of earthquake ground motions and fault rupture mechanics to fundamental inputs for hazard maps, risk assessment, ground motion prediction equations (GMPE), ground motion spatial variability and coherency models, seismic designs, building codes and construction practices.

Luis A. Dalguer (ETH-Zurich, Switzerland)
Sinan Akkar (METU, Turkey)
Cécile Cornou (ISTerre, France)
Aysegul Askan (METU, Turkey)
Eser Cakti (KOERI, Turkey)
Mathieu Causse (ISTerre, France)
André Herrero (INGV, Italy)