Students from local community college visit PEER & UC Berkeley labs

Students from Chabot College, a local community college in Hayward, CA, visited UC Berkeley to learn about the PEER Center and earthquake engineering the afternoon of Tuesday June 7, 2011. The students were participating in a special edition of Chabot College’s Intro-to-Engineering class (ENGR10) at the Lawrence Hall of Science. This special edition is conducted for aspiring Science-Teachers and Engineers under the auspices of the Bay Area STEM Teacher Pathway project.

During their visit, the students learned about how engineers can influence and design the built environment to withstand earthquakes, while also learning about the types of research underway at the PEER Center. After a presentation and discussion session, the students participated in a lab tour of the Davis Hall testing laboratory at UC Berkeley given by Joel Carr, the Davis Hall Lab manager.

The instructor of this course at Chabot Community College, Bruce Mayer, confirmed the value of the visit: “Thanks so much for hosting our visit today. The students and I learned a great deal from your presentation, and from the lab tour. We also had a great time.”