Blind Prediction Competitions

2022 Blind Prediction Contest

PEER is organizing a blind prediction contest for predicting the experimental results obtained from a Shaking Table test campaign carried out at the PEER Center, Berkeley, California, in collaboration with University of Trento, Italy. The experimental tests, performed on a steel Moment Resisting Frame, pursued the aim of physically demonstrating the effectiveness of a novel device for seismic action mitigation, called Impact Mass Damper (IMD).

2021 Thick Foundation Element Blind Prediction Contest

We designed this blind prediction contest for relatively easy participation. We only ask that you predict the failure mode and strength of each of the two spans of the deep beam. You may use a strength calculation method involving any degree of sophistication that you choose, although the relatively short time available for this contest will favor design-oriented methods.

2018 Blind Prediction Contest

As a part of this PEER-funded project, a large-scale shaking table test was recently conducted at UCSD’s Powell Laboratory (link is external)(link is external) using the 2.9 meter tall soil laminar box which is the basis for this blind prediction competition. The experiment focused on the response of shallow foundations in liquefied soils. More information about the project can be found here: Shake Table Tests on Shallow Foundations in Liquefied Soils Supported on Helical Piles. The project team is organizing this blind prediction, and both researchers as well as practicing engineers are...

2019 Blind Prediction Contest

PEER organized a blind prediction contest to predict the maximum bi-directional seismic response of a four-column rocking podium structure excited by artificially generated ground motions applied by a shaking table. The rocking podium structure was designed by the ETH Zurich team led by Prof. Michalis Vassiliou and Prof. Bozidar Stojadinovic.

Thick Foundation Element Blind Prediction Contest 2021 is Now Open!

September 15, 2021

PEER is pleased to announce that the Thick Foundation Element Blind Prediction Contest 2021 is now open!

This year's second Blind Prediction Contest, "Monotonic Test of a Thick Foundation Element," is related to the prediction of the shear strength of a reinforced concrete deep beam, which is intended to represent a slice...

2021 Reinforced Concrete Column Blind Prediction Contest

We invite you to participate in the prediction of the response of a reinforced concrete column subjected to lateral deformation. This invitation is based on an experimental test of a concrete column conducted in 2020, the results of which have not yet been published. The test column is representative of gravity columns common in concrete buildings designed prior to the 1990s. Tipping Structural Engineers(link is external) and Maffei Structural Engineering(link is external) designed the test column. The column was built and tested by Simpson Strong-Tie(link is external) at the Tyrell Gilb...