Earthquake Reconnaissance Reports

Kumamoto-shi, Japan Earthquake 2016
USGS image - M7.0 - 1km WSW of Kumamoto-shi, Japan
Kumamoto-shi Earthquake Clearinghouse
BBC: "Rescue efforts after second Japan quake"
BBC: "In pictures - Japan earthquake"
Preliminary Reconnaissance on RC Building Damage by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake - Prof. Hitatoshi
   Shiohara, University of Tokyo
[PDF 5.63MB]
Preliminary Reconnaissance on Building Damage - Dr. Tajiri, University of Tokyo [PDF 4.7MB]
Muisne, Ecuador 2016
USGS image - M7.8 -27km SSE of Muisne, Ecuador
Muisne Earthquake Clearinghouse
BBC News: "Ecuador Earthquake - Millionaires to be taxed more to pay for relief"
South Taiwan Earthquake 2016
Reconnaissance Report [English], 2016-02-07 - Prof. Yi-Hsuan Tu, National Cheng Kung University,
[PDF 8.41 MB]
Preliminary NCREE/NARLabs Report, 2016/02/06 - Ver5.0 (English) - Meinong Earthquake
  [PDF 7.39 MB]
Preliminary NCREE/NARLabs Report, 2016/02/06 - Ver4.2 (Chinese)- Kaohsiung Earthquake
  [PDF 11.81 MB]
Southern Taiwan Earthquake Clearinghouse
Drone footage: collapsed high-rise building in Tainan after Taiwan quake
USGS image - M6.4 -28km NE of Pingtung, Taiwan
Nepal (Gorkha) 2015
PEER-EERI-GEER Reconnaissance Briefing
Nepal Earthquake Clearinghouse
April 25, 2015 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake, GEER Association Report No. GEER-040
South Napa Earthquake 2014
Reconnaissance Briefing Webcast
PEER Preliminary Notes and Observations on the August 24, 2014, South Napa Earthquake
Appendix A, 2014 South Napa Field Notes, Oregon State University Team (7.25 MB PDF)
"24 August 2014 South Napa Mw6 Earthquake Reconnaissance Report," SPA Risk LLC (9.5 MB PDF)
"August 24, 2014 South Napa, California Earthquake," GEER Association Report No. GEER-037
South Napa, USA Earthquake Clearinghouse
Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011
Reconnaissance Briefing
PEER/EERI/GEER/Tsunami Field Investigation Team Short Interim Report
News Article: PEER coordinates research team
Early Field Survey of Damage by Kit Miyamoto
Preliminary Ground Motions and Other Information
Christchurch New Zealand 2011
Reconnaissance Briefing
Preliminary Ground Motions and Field Reports
Canterbury New Zealand 2010
Reconnaissance Briefing
News Article
Chile 2010
Preliminary Reconnaissance Presentation, video and slides about the Chile Earthquake
Photo Gallery
   Related document (PDF file, 4.6 MB)
Haiti 2010
Preliminary Reconnaissance Presentation, video and slides about the Haiti Earthquake by Eduardo Fierro
Photo Gallery
Related reports and web pages
Ferndale-Eureka California 2010
Preliminary Observations from the Ferndale Area Earthquake of Jan 9, 2010
GEER Report Now Available: January 9, 2010 Offshore Northern California Earthquake
L'Aquila Italy 2009
EERI/PEER Reconnaissance Team investigates M 6.3 L'Aquila, Italy Earthquake
Response of Buildings in 2009 Abruzzo Italy Earthquake and Lessons Learned by Mosalam, Günay, and Hube (PDF file - 3.2 MB)
Wenchuan China 2008
Wenchuan Earthquake Seminar on August 18, 2008: video, presentations, and media coverage.
Niigata Chuetsu-oki Japan 2007
E2007 Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake, Field Reconnaissance Report
Nisqually Washington 2001
February 28, 2001 Nisqually, WA Earthquake
Some Observations of Geotechnical Aspects of the Nisqually Earthquake
Effects of the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake on Small Businesses in WA - (PDF file - 2.2 MB)
Peru 2001
Geotechnical Report from June 23, 2001 Peruvian Earthquake
Yountville California 2000
September 3, 2000 Yountville (Napa), CA Earthquake
Chi Chi Taiwan 1999
Taiwan Ground Failure Database
Turkey 1999
Updated Turkey Ground Failure Database