Regional-Scale Simulations of Earthquake Ground Motions and Infrastructure Response for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

The continued improvements in High Performance Computing (HPC) ecosystems, coupled with new understanding of the physics of earthquake processes, are rapidly advancing the ability to simulate earthquake ground motions and infrastructure response at regional scale. A validated computational capability to augment sparse observational data, and provide new insights on the spatial variation of earthquake ground motions and the complex interactions between incident seismic waveforms and major infrastructure systems, can support significant improvements in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE).

This latest in a series of PEER Pacific Rim Forums will bring together multidisciplinary experts from structural and geotechnical engineering and the earth sciences to share recent research results as well as state-of-practice advancements and applications of regional-scale fault-to-structure simulations. Special attention will also be focused on the identification of key knowledge and capability gaps providing barriers to realizing the full potential of regional-scale simulations.

Forum Meeting Format

Given the continuing pandemic challenges to travel and large meetings, the Forum will be entirely web-based. All formal presentations will be by the invitation of the Organizing Committee with significant time reserved for broad audience comment and discussion. The time scheduling of this web-based forum will be coordinated to accommodate international participants.

Who Should Attend

Researchers, practitioners and students would all benefit from attendance at this Forum. The presentations and discussions will provide broad coverage of key topics for this rapidly advancing domain.