Invited presentations will span the following topical areas:

Core Elements – Current Status and Knowledge/Capability Gaps

a.  Earthquake Source Representation

b.  Nonlinear Structural Response / Soil Response

c.  Geologic Models to Support High Frequency Simulations (Stochastic Geology, Tomographty,
     FWI Geologic Updates)

d.  Near-Surface Geotechnical Layers (Linear and Nonlinear)

e.  Geophysics / Engineering Model Coupling

f.  Computational Considerations - Integrated Simulations Workflow, Performance and Computational Demands

Building confidence in regional-scale simulations

a.  Metrics and Acceptance Criteria for the Use of Simulation Results in PBEE

b.  Characterization and Propagation of Uncertainties

c.  Verification and Validation of Simulation Results

Transitioning from research to practice for PBEE

 Strategies for Transition to Engineering Practice – an Appropriate Roadmap

Operational models for broadening community access

A Panel Discussion with Earthquake Risk Stakeholders