OpenSRA Workshop - January 11, 2023, UC Berkeley

OpenSRA is a new open-source seismic risk assessment software tool for gas utility regulators and owners that will enable them to assess challenges posed by the risk from earthquake-induced hazards.

OpenSRA incorporates:

  • New methods to assess the risk to buried pipelines from ground displacements due to surface fault rupture, liquefaction-induced lateral spreading and ground settlement, and seismic slope displacement.
  • New fragilities for pipe strain due to permanent ground displacements.
  • New fragilities for above-ground storage facility infrastructure.
  • New fragilities for gas storage wells and caprocks and includes advanced full-physics numerical modeling developed for this work.
  • New computational modeling and laboratory testing of surface infrastructure components and systems.

This user workshop will highlight OpenSRA features with hands-on demonstrations with the goal of facilitating the use and application of the software.

When: January 11, 2023, 9AM-4PM

Where: UC Berkeley, 250 Sutardja Dai Hall