2019 PEER Blind Prediction Competition Winners Announced

February 4, 2020

Zhong 2019 PEER Blind Prediction Winner

PEER organized a blind prediction contest to predict the maximum bi-directional response of a four-column rocking podium structure excited by 200 artificial ground motions on a shaking table.  The structure was designed by an ETH Zurich team led by Professor Michalis Vassiliou and Professor Bozidar Stojadinovic. The tests were conducted using the 6 degree-of-freedom shaking table located at the Earthquake and Large Structures Laboratory at the University of Bristol.  Tests were supervised by Professor George Mylonakis and Professor Anastasios Sextos under the SERA
transnational access project “3DROCK: Statistical Verification and Validation of 3D Seismic Rocking Motion Models”.  The PEER organizing team included Selim Gunay, UC Berkeley.

Malomo 2019 PEER Blind Prediction winner

13 teams with contestants from 10 different countries submitted entries by November 20, 2019. On January 16, 2020, PEER Director Khalid Mosalam made the public announcement of winners at the 2020 PEER Annual Meeting held at UC Berkeley.


  • First Place team - Chiyun Zhong, Constantin Christopoulos - University of Toronto, Department of Civil + Mineral Engineering.  View the poster.
  • Second Place team - Daniele Malomo, Anjali Mehrotra, Matthew DeJong - UC Berkeley, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  View the poster.