6 Projects Awarded under the PEER-Bridge Program

March 13, 2024

The PEER-Bridge Research Program is a streamlined framework of the Caltrans bridge research program, supporting innovative work on a wide range of topics such as new materials, accelerated bridge construction, maintenance, sustainability, design and analysis. A single master contract is established between Caltrans and PEER, and different projects are executed as Task Orders under the master contract. The PEER-Bridge Program is open to researchers from all public core institutions.

Since its start in 2020, the PEER-Bridge Research Program has funded eight projects. During each RFP cycle, PEER receives many proposals that are reviewed favorably, but are not funded due to limited resources. This pool of highly reviewed but unfunded proposals of past PEER RFPs, along with direct solicitations received by Caltrans, were considered in this cycle. Of these, six new projects are funded, comprising a total funding of $900,000.

PEER thanks all the PIs who submitted proposals in the past RFPs, and the efforts of reviewers who provided detailed feedback. Details of the funded projects are provided below.

PI: Tracy Becker, UC Berkeley

Project Title: Uncertainty Quantification for Meeting Bridge Design Objectives

PI: Yousef Bozorgnia, UCLA

Project Title: New Near-Fault Adjustment Factors for Caltrans Seismic Design Criteria (SDC)

PI: Scott J. Brandenberg, UCLA
co-PI: Jonathan P. Stewart, UCLA

Project Title: Next Generation Liquefaction (NGL) Models for Predicting Triggering and Manifestation of Liquefaction

PI: Michele Barbato, UC Davis
co-PI: Alexander Forrest, UC Davis

Project Title: Development of Performance-Based Multi-hazard Engineering (PBME) Framework with Inclusion of Climate Change and Bridge Vulnerability

PI: Raja Sengupta, UC Berkeley
co-PI: Mark Mueller, UC Berkeley

Project Title: Development of Autonomous Drone Inspection for Bridge Maintenance

PI: Farzin Zareian, UC Irvine

Project Title: Caltrans Risk Based Seismic Design (CT-RBSD) for Bridges