Bridge Projects

PEER Bridge Program

Projects Beginning in 2022:

Title of ProjectPI NamePI Affiliation
Liquefaction-Induced Ground Settlement Procedure Jonathan Bray UC Berkeley
Hazard-Based Risk and Cost-Benefit Assessment of Temporary Bridges in California Floriana Petrone University of Nevada, Reno
Prioritizing Regional Needs for Recovery Bridges through Post-earthquake Corridor Identification and System Fragility Assessment of the SF Region Kenichi Soga UC Berkeley

Projects Beginning in 2021:

Title of ProjectPI NamePI Affiliation
Advanced Guidelines for Stability Design of Slender Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Michael Scott Oregon State University
Statistical Variation of Seismic Damage Index (DI) of California Bridges Farzin Zareian UC Irvine

Projects Beginning in 2020:

Title of ProjectPI NamePI Affiliation
Refined Bridge Deck Design and Analysis Lijuan "Dawn" Cheng UC Davis
Bridge Rapid Assessment Center for Extreme Events (BRACE2) Khalid Mosalam UC Berkeley