Projects awarded from RFP PEER-TSRP 19-01

February 21, 2020

PEER has continuing funding from the State of California related to the seismic performance of transportation systems. This funding supports the Transportation Systems Research Program (TSRP), the purpose of which is to lessen the impacts of earthquakes on the transportation systems of California, including highways and bridges, port facilities, high-speed rail,  airports, and other related structures. In September 2019, PEER issued a request for proposals, Solicitation PEER TSRP 19-01 , for one- and two-year projects aligned with the current TSRP research priorities and vision.

In response to Solicitation PEER TSRP 19-01, 44 proposals were received. Each proposal received at least two independent reviews from the pool of more than two dozen reviewers. Based on the priorities of the pre-set TSRP vision, pre-defined evaluation criteria specified in the RFP, and factors such as the level of engagement with the PEER core institutes, 14 new projects were approved, comprising a total funding of $1.2 million, with the first year funding of nearly $740,000.

The following is a list of the 14 funded projects, including six multi-institution collaborative projects.

PEER thanks all the PIs who submitted proposals, and also thanks the efforts and detailed feedback from the reviewers.

Title: A3: Fire Performance of Steel-Frame Buildings using OpenSees
PI: Erica Fisher, OSU

Title: A3: Leveraging Leading Indicators for Wildfire Risk Reduction PI: Rune Storesund, UC Berkeley Co-PIs: Karlene Roberts, UC Berkeley

Title: M1: Probabilistic Simulation-Based Evaluation of the Effect of Near-Field Spatially Varying Ground Motions on Distributed Infrastructure Systems
PI: Floriana Petrone, UNR, Co-PIs: Norm Abrahamson, UC Berkeley; David McCallen, UNR

Title: M2: A Pacific Rim Forum on Regional-Scale Simulations of Earthquake Ground Motions and Infrastructure Response for PBEE of Transportation Systems, PI: David McCallen, UNR, Co-PIs: Norm Abrahamson, UC Berkeley; Floriana Petrone, UNR

Title: S1, T2, T5: Fracture of Deficient Steel Details in Pre-Northridge Transportation Infrastructure Structures
PI: Amit Kanvinde, UC Davis
Collaborators: James Malley and Robert Pekelnicky, Degenkolb

Title: S2: Ground Improvement-Based Protection of Transportation Infrastructure: Validation of PBE via Centrifuge and Numerical Modeling
PI: Tara Hutchinson, UC San Diego, Co-PI: John McCartney, UC San Diego

Title: S3: Performance Based Economic Loss Assessment Due to a Hypothetical Large Southern Earthquake based on the Disruption and Recovery of Port of Los Angeles Freight Traffic
PI: Ertugrul Taciroglu, UC Los Angeles, Co-PI: Kenichi Soga, UC Berkeley

Title: T1, T2: Workshop of Pre- and Post-processing Tools for OpenSees
PI: Frank McKenna, UC Berkeley
Co-PIs: Filip Filippou, UC Berkeley; Joel Conte, UC San Diego

Title: T1: A Comprehensive Database of RC Column Tests
PI: John Wallace, UC Los Angeles

Title: T1: Text Analytics on Social Media for Resilience-Enabled Extreme Events Reconnaissance
PI: Laurent El Ghaoui, UC Berkeley

Title: T2: Reduced-Order Models for Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction Analyses of Buried Structures
PI: Domniki Asimaki, Caltech
Co-PI: Elnaz Seylabi, UNR

Title: T2: Meshfree Large-Strain Framework for Seismic Response of Ground-Structural Systems: Development and Open Source Tool
PI: Ahmed Elgamal, UC San Diego Co-PI: Jiun-Shyan Chen, UC San Diego

Title: T4: Identification of Transportation Network Corridors, for Enhancing Network Resilience
PI: Jack Baker, Stanford

Title: T2: OpenSees Implementation of 3D Embedded Pile Element for Enhance Soil-Pile Interaction Analysis of Bridge Systems Subject to Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading
PI: Pedro Arduino, UW