Topic Areas & Requirements

Seven Research Topic Areas and Requirements

The PEER-Bridge Program will perform research in seven topic areas as specified below.

  1. Maintenance/Sustainability

    Objectives:Develop cost effective methods for assessing the structural health of a bridge. Create repair techniques to prolong a bridge’s functional life. Assess innovative design and material options that will minimize life-cycle costs.
  2. New Materials

    Objectives: Perform evaluation and trial application of new construction materials such as high strength reinforcing steel, stainless steel, ultra-high-performance concrete, light-weight concrete, and composite materials.

  3. Bridge Modeling & Analysis

    Objective: Develop improved methods for assessing structural demand and performance.

  4. Accelerated Bridge Construction

    Objective: Develop techniques and structural systems that increase the speed of construction and minimize disruption to the traveling public.

  5. Performance Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE)/Bridge and System Reliability

    Objectives: Develop bridge design methods that include seismic performance targets at different hazard levels. Investigate how different performance targets impact the performance of the transportation network following a major earthquake.

  6. Foundations & Walls

    Objective: Improve the geotechnical design of bridge foundations and retaining walls to improve performance and cost efficiency.

  7. Intelligent Design Tools/Bridge Design Aids

    Objective: Develop new tools and methods that take advantage of artificial intelligence to accelerate the bridge design process.