Meet the PEER Students Conclusion 2021-2022

July 26, 2022

Thank you for joining the PEER Student Committee for our 2021-2022 "Meet the PEER Students'' Series. We conclude this year’s series with a self-spotlight of our PEER Student Committee members. Watch the video and read the written interview.

This series featured seven students and postdoctoral researchers who conduct exciting research projects, engage in leadership activities, and perform exceptional work. They include: Maha Kenawy (UNR), Francisco Galvis (Stanford), Sifat Muin (PEER), Jin Zhou (UC Davis), Danilo Kusanovic (Caltech), James Gordon (OSU), and Angshuman Deb (UCSD). Spotlighting these PEER researchers in the series allowed us to enjoy entertaining conversations, learn from our guests' experience during graduate school, and helped us strengthen connections in our PEER community. Look out for more PEER Student Committee initiatives, coming soon! And if you haven’t already, meet all of the series participants through their written spotlights and video interviews!