New PEER Report 2020/10: "Low Seismic Damage Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction"

February 26, 2021

PEER has just published Report No. 2020/10: "Low Seismic Damage Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction." It was authored by Arpit Nema and Jose Restrepo, UC San Diego.

Visit the PEER publications page to download a free color pdf of the document.


This  report  describes  the  design,  construction,  and  shaking  table  response  and  computation  simulation of a Low Seismic-Damage Bridge Bent built using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods. The  proposed  bent  combines  precast  post-tensioned  columns  with  precast  foundation  and bent cap to simplify off- and on-site construction burdens and minimize earthquake-induced damage  and  associated  repair  costs.  Each  column  consists  of  reinforced  concrete  cast  inside  a  cylindrical steel shell, which acts as the formwork, and the confining and shear reinforcement. The column steel shell is engineered to facilitate the formation of a rocking interface for concentrating the  deformation  demands  in  the  columns,  thereby  reducing  earthquake-induced  damage. The  precast foundation and bent cap have corrugated-metal-duct lined sockets, where the columns will be  placed  and  grouted  on-site  to  form  the  column–beam  joints.  Large  inelastic  deformation  demands in the structure are concentrated at the column–beam interfaces, which are designed to accommodate these demands with minimal structural damage. Longitudinal post-tensioned high-strength steel threaded bars, designed to respond elastically, ensure re-centering behavior. Internal mild  steel  reinforcing  bars,  debonded  from  the  concrete  at  the  interfaces,  provide  energy  dissipation and impact mitigation.