PEER Reports

The PEER Reports Series comprises state-of-the-art research in earthquake engineering and related fields by the more than 150 expert members of the PEER universities consortium. The current emphasis of the series is on performance-based engineering of lifelines and building structures. Full-color reports are available free of charge as a PDF download.

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2021 Reports

PEER 2021/01 - Fire-Induced Structural Collapse on Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California, May 23, 2020 (165 MB)
Mohammadreza Eslami, Khalid Mosalam, Ankit Agrawal, Amarnath Kasalanati

PEER 2021/02 - Implementation, Verification, and Validation of the PM4Sand Model in OpenSees (20 MB)
Long Chen, Pedro Arduino

PEER 2021/03 - Effective Stress Analysis of Liquefaction Sites and Evaluation of Sediment Ejecta Potential (23.5 MB)
Daniel Hutabarat, Jonathan D. Bray
Electronic Appendix A [PDF]
Electronic Appendix B [PDF] MP4s [zip]
Electronic Appendix C [PDF]
Electronic Appendix D [PDF]

PEER 2021/04 - Towards Multi-Tier Modeling of Liquefaction Impacts on Transportation Infrastructure (5.4 MB)
Brett Mauer, Mertcan Geyin, Alex J. Baird

PEER 2021/05 - City-Scale Multi-Infrastructure Network Resilience Simulation Tool (72 MB)
Kenichi Soga, Renjie Wu, Bingyu Zhao,Chaofeng Wang

PEER 2021/06 - F-Rec Framework: Novel Framework for Probabilistic Evaluation of Functional Recovery of Building Systems (5.6 MB)
Vesna Terzic, Peny K. Villanueva, Daniel Saldana, Dong Y. Yoo

PEER 2021/07 - Shake Table Tests on a Shallow Foundation on Liquefiable Soils Supported on Helical Piles (5.4 MB)
Milad Jahed Orang, Ramin Motamed

PEER 2021/08 - Seismic Design and Detailing of Bridge Columns to Account for Ground-Motion Duration (45 MB)
S. Mojtaba Alian Amiri, Mohamed A. Moustafa, David H. Sanders

PEER 2021/09 - Use of Corridors for Decision Making in Transportation Networks in Seismic Regions (6.5 MB)
Rodrigo I. Silva-Lopez, Jack W. Baker

PEER 2021/10 - Seismic Performance of Column-to-Drilled-Shaft Connections in Reinforced Concrete Bridges (23 MB)
Michelle Chang, John Stanton, Marc Eberhard

2020 Reports

PEER 2020/01 - Revision 1.0 -Modeling Viscous Damping in Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Steel Moment-Frame Buildings: Design-Plus Ground Motions (14 MB)
Xin Qian, Anil K. Chopra, Frank McKenna
PEER 2020/02 - Data Resources for NGA-Subduction Project (27 MB)
Yousef Bozorgnia (NGA-Sub PI),  Jonathan P. Stewart (Report Editor)
Electronic Supplement (127 MB)
PEER 2020/03 - NGA-Subduction Global Ground-Motion Models with Regional Adjustment Factors (12.6 MB)
Grace A. Parker, Jonathan P. Stewart, David M. Boore, Gail M. Atkinson, Behzad Hassani
Electronic Supplement (31 KB)
PEER 2020/04 - Partially Non-Ergodic Ground-Motion Model for Subduction Regions using the NGA Subduction Database (11.4 MB)
Nicolas Kuehn, Yousef Bozorgnia, Kenneth W. Campbell, Nicholas Gregor

PEER 2020/05 - Conditional Ground-Motion Model for Peak Ground Velocity for Active Crustal Regions (3.5 MB)
Norman A. Abrahamson, Sarabjot Bhasin
PEER 2020/06 - Development of NGA-Sub Ground-Motion Model of 5%-Damped Pseudo-Spectral Acceleration Based on Database for Subduction Earthquakes in Japan (14.1 MB)
Hongjun Si, Saburoh Midorikawa, Tadahiro Kishida (2.3 KB)
PEER 2020/07 - Comparison of NGA-Sub Ground-Motion Models (74.5 MB)
Nicholas Gregor, Kofi Addo, Linda Al Atik, Gail M. Atkinson, David M. Boore, Yousef Bozorgnia, Kenneth W. Campbell, Brian S.-J. Chiou, Zeynep Gülerce, Behzad Hassani, Tadahiro Kishida, Nico Kuehn, Saburoh Midorikawa, Silvia Mazzoni, Grace A. Parker, Hongjun Si, Jonathan P. Stewart, Robert R. Youngs
Appendix A (zip) (13.3 MB)
PEER 2020/08 - PEER Activities 2018—2020 (16.5 MB)
Khalid Mosalam, Amarnath Kasalanati

PEER 2020/09 - Blind Prediction of Shaking Table Tests of a New Bridge Bent Design (15 MB)
Selim Günay, Fan Hu, Khalid Mosalam, Arpit Nema, Jose Restrepo, Adam Zsarnoczay, Jack Baker

PEER 2020/10 - Low Seismic Damage Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction (28 MB)
Arpit Nema, José Restrepo

PEER 2020/11 - Hybrid Simulations for the Seismic Evaluation of Resilient Highway Bridge Systems (71.3 MB)
Yingjie Wu, Selim Günay, Khalid Mosalam
PEER 2020/12 - Project Technical Summary (PEER-CEA Project)  (24.5 MB)
Evan Reis, in collaboration with Yousef Bozorgnia, Henry Burton, Kelly Cobeen, Gregory G. Deierlein, Tara Hutchinson, Grace S. Kang, Bret Lizundia, Silvia Mazzoni, Sharyl Rabinovici, Brandon Schiller, David P. Welch, and Farzin Zareian
PEER 2020/13 - Development of Index Buildings (PEER-CEA Project) (408 KB)
Evan Reis
PEER 2020/14 - Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis and Selecting and Scaling of Ground-Motion Records (PEER-CEA Project) (22.2 MB)
Silvia Mazzoni, Nicholas Gregor, Linda Al Atik, Yousef Bozorgnia, David P. Welch, Gregory G. Deierlein
Appendices (zip, 53 MB)
PEER 2020/15 - Development of Testing Protocol for Cripple Wall Components (PEER-CEA Project) (2.8 MB)
Farzin Zareian, Joel Lanning
PEER 2020/16 - Cripple Wall Small-Component Test Program: Wet Specimens I (PEER-CEA Project) (49.8 MB)
Brandon Schiller, Tara Hutchinson, Kelly Cobeen
PEER 2020/17 - Cripple Wall Small-Component Test Program: Dry Specimens (PEER-CEA Project) (77.6 MB)
Brandon Schiller, Tara Hutchinson, Kelly Cobeen
PEER 2020/18 - Cripple Wall Small-Component Test Program: Wet Specimens II (PEER-CEA Project) (73.8 MB)
Brandon Schiller, Tara Hutchinson, Kelly Cobeen
PEER 2020/19 - Cripple Wall Small-Component - Test Program: Comparisons (PEER-CEA Project) (22.2 MB)
Brandon Schiller, Tara Hutchinson, Kelly Cobeen
PEER 2020/20 - Large-Component Seismic Testing for Existing and Retrofitted Single-Family Wood-Frame Dwellings (PEER-CEA Project) (87.8 MB)
Kelly Cobeen, Vahid Mahdavifar, Tara Hutchinson, Brandon Schiller, David P. Welch, Grace S. Kang, Yousef Bozorgnia
Appendices A, B, C, D (120 MB)
PEER 2020/21 - Comparison of the Response of Small- and Large-Component Cripple Wall Specimens Tested under Simulated Seismic Loading (PEER-CEA Project) (48 MB)
Brandon Schiller, Tara Hutchinson, Kelly Cobeen
PEER 2020/22 - Technical Background Report for Structural Analysis and Performance Assessment (PEER-CEA Project) (107 MB)
David P. Welch, Gregory G. Deierlein
PEER 2020/23 - Earthquake Damage Workshop (PEER-CEA Project) (55.1 MB)
Kylin Vail, Bret Lizundia, David P. Welch, Evan Reis
PEER 2020/24 - Seismic Performance of Single-Family Wood-Frame Houses: Comparing Analytical and Industry Catastrophe Models (PEER-CEA Project) (17.3 MB)
Evan Reis
PEER 2020/25 - Regionalized Ground-Motion Models for Subduction Earthquakes Based on the NGA-SUB Database (26.5 MB)
Norman Abrahamson, Zeynep Gülerce
Main program that calls the AG20 subroutine
Subroutines for AG20
Subroutine to interpolate the AG20 model to other spectral periods
Example Input File
Spreadsheet implements the AG20 model

PEER 2020/26 - Long-Term Monitoring of Bridge Settlements using Vision-Based Embedded System (58 MB)
Henry L. Teng, Khalid M. Mosalam

2019 Reports

PEER 2019/09 - Seismic Behavior of Special Concentric Braced Frames under Short- and Long-Duration Ground Motions (32 MB)
Appendices (15MB)
Ali Hammad, Mohamed A. Moustafa
PEER 2019/08 - Influence of Vertical Ground Motion on Bridges Isolated with Spherical Sliding Bearings (12 MB)
Rushil Mojidra, Keri L. Ryan
PEER 2019/07 - PEER Hub ImageNet (ϕ - Net):  A Large-Scale Multi-Attribute Benchmark Dataset of Structural Images (15.4 MB)
Yuqing Gao, Khalid M. Mosalam
PEER 2019/06 - Fluid-Structure Interaction and Python-Scripting Capabilities in OpenSees (12.5 MB)
Minjie Zhu, Michael H. Scott
PEER 2019/05 - Brochure: Expected Earthquake Performance of Buildings Designed to the California Building Code (11x17,1.1MB; 8.5x11,1.2MB)
(California Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission Publication 19-01). Grace S. Kang, Sifat Muin, Jorge Archbold, Bitanoosh Woods, and Khalid Mosalam
PEER 2019/04 - Aftershock Seismic Vulnerability and Time-Dependent Risk Assessment of Bridges (1.3 MB)
Sujith Mangalathu, Mehrdad Shokrabadi, Henry V. Burton
PEER 2019/03 - Ground-Motion Directivity Modeling for Seismic Hazard Applications (14.6 MB)
Jennifer L. Donahue, Jonathan P. Stewart, Nicolas Gregor, Yousef Bozorgnia. Review Panel: Jonathan D. Bray, Stephen A. Mahin, I. M. Idriss, Robert W. Graves, Tom Shantz
PEER 2019/02 - Direct-Finite-Element Method for Nonlinear Earthquake Analysis of Concrete Dams Including Dam–Water–Foundation Rock Interaction (11.6 MB)
Arnkjell Løkke, Anil Chopra
PEER 2019/01 - Flow-Failure Case History of the Las Palmas, Chile, Tailings Dam (26.5 MB)
R.E.S. Moss, T. R. Gebhart, D.J. Frost, C. Ledezma

2018 Reports

PEER 2018/01 - PEER Annual Report 2017 - 2018 (13.1 MB)
This report was prepared by PEER staff, led by Khalid Mosalam, Amarnath Kasalanati, and Selim Günay. It contains a summary of research, educational and outreach activities at the PEER Center from July 2017 to June 2018.
PEER 2018/02 - Update of the BC Hydro Subduction Ground-Motion Model using the NGA- Subduction Dataset (6.5 MB)
Norman Abrahamson, Nicolas Kuehn, Zeynep Gulerce, Nicholas Gregor, Yousef Bozorgnia, Grace Parker, Jonathan Stewart, Brian Chiou, I.M. Idriss, Kenneth Campbell, Robert Youngs
- BCHydro_update2018_Final_CAS.xlsx (78 KB)
- (26.8 MB)
PEER 2018/03 - Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Code Verification (5.1 MB)
Christie Hale, Norman Abrahamson, Yousef Bozorgnia
- Electronic Appendices D
PEER 2018/04 - Capturing Directivity Effects in the Mean and Aleatory Variability of the NGA-West2 Ground-Motion Prediction Equations (44 MB)
Jennie A. Watson-Lamprey, Slate Geotechnical Consultants, Berkeley, California
- Electronic Appendices A
- Electronic Appendices B
- Electronic Appendices C
- Electronic Appendices D
PEER 2018/05 - Selection of Random Vibration Procedures for the NGA-East Project (9.2 MB)
Albert Kottke, Norman A. Abrahamson, David M. Boore, Yousef Bozorgnia, Christine Goulet, Justin Hollenback, Tadahiro Kishida, Armen Der Kiureghian, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Nicolas Kuehn, Ellen M. Rathje, Walter J. Silva, Eric Thompson, and Xiaoyue Wang
PEER 2018/06 - Estimation of Shear Demands on Rock Socketed Drilled Shafts subjected to Lateral Loading (2.2 MB)
Pedro Arduino, Long Chen, Christopher R. McGann
PEER 2018/07 - An Empirical Model for Fourier Amplitude Spectra using the NGA-West2 Database (20.9 MB)
Jeff Bayless, Norman A. Abrahamson
- Electronic Appendix A (38 MB)
- Electronic Appendix B (52 KB)
PEER 2018/08 - Central and Eastern North America Ground-Motion Characterization - NGA-East Final Report (156 MB)
Christine Goulet, Yousef Bozorgnia, Norman Abrahamson, Nicolas Kuehn, Linda Al Atik, Robert Youngs, and Robert Graves
- Correction to Appendix I (204 KB)
- Appendices (57 MB)
- Electronic Appendix (111 MB)
- Electronic Appendix (456 MB)
- Electronic Appendix (1.4 GB)
- Electronic Appendix (2 MB)

2017 Reports

PEER 2017/12 - Experimental Investigation of the Behavior of Vintage and Retrofit Concentrically Braced Steel Frames under Cyclic Loading (23.7 MB)
Barbara G. Simpson, Stephen A. Mahin, and Jiun-Wei Lai
- Electronic Appendices D
- Electronic Appendices F
- Electronic Appendices E
PEER 2017/11 - Preliminary Studies on the Dynamic Response of a Seismically Isolated Prototype Gen-IV Sodium-Cooled Fast Reactor (PGSFR) (38 MB)
Benshun Shao, Andreas Schellenberg, Matthew Schoettler, and Stephen Mahin
PEER 2017/10 - Development of Time Histories for IEEE693 Testing and Analysis (Including Seismically Isolated Equipment) (18 MB)
Shakhzod M. Takhirov, Eric Fujisaki, Leon Kempner, Michael Riley, and Brian Low
PEER 2017/09 - “R” Package for Computation of Earthquake Ground-Motion Response Spectra (6.3 MB)
Pengfei Wang, Jonathan P. Stewart, Yousef Bozorgnia, David M. Boore, and Tadahiro Kishida
- R Package (file update 2/10/2020)
PEER 2017/08 - Influence of Kinematic SSI on Foundation Input Motions for Bridges on Deep Foundations (33.17 MB)
Benjamin J. Turner, Scott J. Brandenberg, and Johnathan P. Stewart
PEER 2017/07 - A Nonlinear Kinetic Model for Multi-Stage Friction Pendulum Systems (2.4 MB)
Paul L. Drazin, and Sanjay Govindjee
PEER 2017/06 - Guidelines for Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings, Version 2.03 (2.9 MB)
TBI Working Group led by co-chairs Ron Hamburger and Jack Moehle: Jack Baker, Jonathan Bray, C.B. Crouse, Greg Deierlein, John Hooper, Marshall Lew, Joe Maffei, Stephen Mahin, James Malley, Farzad Naeim, Jonathan Stewart, and John Wallace
- Tall Buildings, Version 2.03 Report (with hyperlinks) (3 MB)
PEER 2017/05 - Recommendations for Ergodic Nonlinear Site Amplification in Central and Eastern North America. (1.2 MB)
Youssef M.A. Hashash, Joseph A. Harmon, Okan Ilhan, Grace A. Parker, and Jonathan P. Stewart
PEER 2017/04 - Expert Panel Recommendations for Ergodic Site Amplification in Central and Eastern North America (4.5 MB)
Jonathan P. Stewart, Grace A Parker, Joseph P. Harmon, Gail M. Atkinson, David M. Boore, Robert B. Darragh, Walter J. Silva, and Youssef M.A. Hashash
- Electronic Supplement (14 KB)
PEER 2017/03 - NGA-East Ground-Motion Models for the U.S. Geological Survey National Seismic Hazard Maps (21.2 MB)
Christine A. Goulet, Yousef Bozorgnia, Nicolas Kuehn, Linda Al Atik, Robert R. Youngs, Robert W. Graves, and Gail M. Atkinson
Electronic Appendices A
Electronic Appendices B
PEER 2017/02 - U.S.—New Zealand— Japan International Workshop, Liquefaction-Induced Ground Movement Effects, University of California, Berkeley, California, 2-4 November 2016 (11.6 MB)
Jonathan D. Bray, Ross W. Boulanger, Misko Cubrinovski, Kohji Tokimatsu, Steven L. Kramer, Thomas O’Rourke, Ellen Rathje, Russell A. Green, Peter K. Robertson, and Christine Z. Beyzaei
PEER 2017/01 - PEER Annual Report 2016 (13.1 MB)
This report was prepared by PEER staff, led by Khalid Mosalam, Amarnath Kasalanati and Grace Kang. It contains a summary of research, educational and outreach activities at the PEER Center since January 2016.

2016 Reports

PEER 2016/10 - Performance-Based Robust Nonlinear Seismic Analysis with Application to Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridge Systems
Xiao Liang, Khalid M. Mosalam - Report (12 MB)
PEER 2016/09 - Detailing Requirements for Column Plastic Hinges subjected to Combined Flexural, Axial, and Torsional Seismic Loading
Gabriel Hurtado, Jack P. Moehle - Report (75.7 MB)
PEER 2016/08 - Resilience of Critical Structures, Infrastructure, and Communities
Gian Paolo Cimellaro, Ali Zamani Noori, Omar Kammouh - Report (17 MB)
PEER 2016/07 - Hybrid Simulation Theory for a Classical NonLinear Dynamical System
Paul L. Drazin, Sanjay Govindjee- Report (4.5 MB)
PEER 2016/06 - California Earthquake Early Warning System Benefit Study
Laurie A. Johnson, Sharyl Rabinovici, Grace S. Kang and Stephen A. Mahin- Report
PEER 2016/05 - Ground-Motion Prediction Equations for Arias Intensity Consistent with the NGA-West2 Ground-Motion Models
Charlotte Abrahamson, Hao-Jun Michael Shi, Brian Yang- Report
PEER 2016/04 - The Mw 6.0 South Napa Earthquake of August 24, 2014: A Wake-up Call for Renewed Investment in Seismic Resilience across California
Laurie A. Johnson, Stephen A. Mahin- Report (1.5 MB)
PEER 2016/03 - Simulation Confidence in Tsunami-Driven Overland Flow
Patrick Lynett- Report (4.2 MB)
PEER 2016/02 - Semi-Automated Procedure for Windowing Time Series and Computing Fourier Amplitude Spectra for the NGA-West2 Database
Tadahiro Kishida, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Robert B. Darragh, Walter J. Silva - Report (5.9 MB)
PEER 2016/01 - A Methodology for the Estimation of Kappa (k) from Large Datasets: Example Application to Rock sites in the NGA-East Database and Implications on Design Motions
Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Norman A. Abrahamson, Robert B. Darragh, Walter J. Silva - Report (14.4 MB)

2015 Reports

PEER 2015/14 - Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Tall Buildings in California: Case Study of a 35-Story Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Building in San Francisco
Jiun-Wei Lai, Shanshan Wang, Matthew J. Schoettler, Stephen A. Mahin
Report (including Appendices A-D)
Electronic Appendices E
Electronic Appendices F
Electronic Appendices G
PEER 2015/13 - Self-Centering Precast Concrete Dual-Steel-Shell Columns for Accelerated Bridge Construction: Seismic Performance, Analysis, and Design
Gabriele Guerrini, Jose I. Restrepo, Athanassios Vervelidis, Milena Massari - Report (12.3 MB)
PEER 2015/12 - Shear-Flexure Interaction Modeling for Reinforced Concrete Structural Walls and Columns under Reversed Cyclic Loading
Kristijan Kolozvari, Kutay Orakcal, John Wallace - Report
PEER 2015/11 - Selection and Scaling of Ground Motions for Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Buildings in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
N. Simon Kwong, Anil K. Chopra - Report
PEER 2015/10 - Structural Behavior of Column-Bent Cap Beam-Box Girder Systems in Reinforced Concrete Bridges Subjected to Gravity and Seismic Load, Part II: Hybrid Simulation and Post-Test Analysis
Mohamed A. Moustafa, Khalid M. Mosalam - Report
PEER 2015/09 - Structural Behavior of Column-Bent Cap Beam-Box Girder Systems in Reinforced Concrete Bridges Subjected to Gravity and Seismic Load, Part I: Pre-test Analysis and Quasi-Static Experiments
Mohamed A. Moustafa, Khalid M. Mosalam - Report
PEER 2015/08 - NGA-East: Adjustments to Median Ground-Motion Models for Central and Eastern North America
Electronic Appendices A 1
Electronic Appendices A 2
Electronic Appendices A 3
Electronic Appendices A 4
Electronic Appendices A 5
Electronic Appendices A 6
Electronic Appendices A 7
Electronic Appendices A 8
Electronic Appendices A 9
Electronic Appendices A 10
Electronic Appendices A 11
Electronic Appendices A 12
Electronic Appendices A 13
Electronic Appendices A 14
Electronic Appendices A 15
Electronic Appendices A 16
Electronic Appendices A 17
Electronic Appendices A 18
Electronic Appendices A 19
Electronic Appendices A 20
Electronic Appendices B 1
Electronic Appendices B 2
Report Errata
PEER 2015/07 - NGA-East: Ground-Motion Standard Deviation Models for Central and Eastern North America
Linda Al Atik - Report
PEER 2015/06 - Adjusting Ground-Motion Intensity Measures to a Reference Site for which V(S30) = 3000 m/sec
David M. Boore - Report
Electronic Appendices
PEER 2015/05 - Hybrid Simulation of Seismic Isolation Systems Applied to an APR-1400 Nuclear Power Plant
Andreas H. Schellenberg, Alireza Sarebanha, Matthew J. Schoettler, Gilberto Mosqueda, Gianmario Benzoni, Stephen A. Mahin - Report
PEER 2015/04 - NGA-East: Median Ground-Motion Models for the Central and Eastern North America Region
NGA-East Electronic Appendices Errata
PEER 2015/03 - Single Series Solution for the Rectangular Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolator Compression Modulus
James M. Kelly and Niel C. Van Engelen - Report
PEER 2015/02 - A Full-Scale, Single-Column Bridge Bent Tested by Shake-Table Excitation
Matthew J. Schoettler, Jose I. Restrepo, Gabriele Guerrini, David E. Duck, Francesco Carrea - Report
PEER 2015/01 - Concrete Column Blind Prediction Contest 2010: Outcomes and Observations
Vesna Terzic, Matthew J. Schoettler, Jose I. Restrepo, and Stephen A. Mahin - Report

2014 Reports

PEER 2014/20 - Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Near-Fault Ground Motions for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Mayssa Dabaghi, Armen Der Kiureghian - Report
PEER 2014/19 - Seismic Response of a Hybrid Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Bridge Column Detailed for Accelerated Bridge Construction
Wilson Nguyen, William Trono, Marios Panagiotou, and Claudia P. Ostertag - Report
PEER 2014/18 - Three-Dimensional Beam-Truss Model for Reinforced-Concrete Walls and Slabs Subjected to Cyclic Static or Dynamic Loading
Yuan Lu, Marios Panagiotou, Ioannis Koutromanos -& Report
PEER 2014/17 - PEER NGA-East Database
Christine A. Goulet, Tadahiro Kishida, Timothy D. Ancheta, Chris H. Cramer, Robert B. Darragh, Walter J. Silva, Youssef M.A. Hashash, Joseph Harmon, Jonathan P. Stewart, Katie E. Wooddell, and Robert R. Youngs -  Report

NGA-East Database eAppendices 1
NGA-East Database eAppendices 2NGA-East Database eAppendices 3
PEER 2014/16 - Guidelines for Performing Hazard-Consistent One-Dimensional Ground Response Analysis for Ground Motion Prediction
Jonathan P. Stewart, Kioumars Afshari, and Youssef M.A. Hashash -  Report  

- Electronic Supplement
- Electronic Spreadsheet - MRD Models
PEER 2014/15 - NGA-East Regionalization Report: Comparison of Four Crustal Regions within Central and Eastern North America using Waveform Modeling and 5%-Damped Pseudo-Spectral Acceleration Response
Jennifer Dreiling, Marius P. Isken, Walter D. Mooney, Martin C. Chapman, and Richard W. Godbee -  Report
PEER 2014/14 - Scaling Relations between Seismic Moment and Rupture Area of Earthquakes in Stable Continental Regions
Paul Somerville -  Report
PEER 2014/13 - PEER Preliminary Notes and Observations on the August 24, 2014 South Napa Earthquake
Grace S. Kang (Editor) Stephen A. Mahin (Editor) -  Report
PEER 2014/12 - Reference-Rock Site Conditions for Central and Eastern North America: Part II - Attenuation (Kappa) Definition
Kenneth W. Campbell, Youssef M.A. Hashash, Byungmin Kim, Albert R. Kottke, Ellen M. Rathje, Walter J. Silva, and Jonathan P. Stewart -  Report
PEER 2014/11 - Reference-Rock Site Conditions for Central and Eastern North America: Part I - Velocity Definition
Youssef M.A. Hashash, Albert R. Kottke, Jonathan P. Stewart, Kenneth W. Campbell, Byungmin Kim, Ellen M. Rathje, and Walter J. Silva -  Report
PEER 2014/10 - Evaluation of Collapse and Non-Collapse of Parallel Bridges Affected by Liquefaction and Lateral Spreading
Benjamin Turner, Scott J. Brandenberg, and Jonathan P. Stewart -  Report
PEER 2014/09 - PEER Arizona Strong-Motion Database and GMPEs Evaluation
Tadahiro Kishida, Robert E. Kayen, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Walter J. Silva, Robert B. Darragh, and Jennie Watson-Lamprey -  Report
PEER 2014/08 - Unbonded Pretensioned Bridge Columns with Rocking Detail
Jeffrey A. Schaefer, Bryan Kennedy, Marc O. Eberhard, and John F. Stanton -  Report
PEER 2014/07 - Northridge 20 Symposium Summary Report
H. Tremayne, S.A. Mahin, J. Maffei, D. McCarthy, and J. Bwarie (eds.)  -  Report
PEER 2014/06 - Report of the Tenth Planning Meeting of NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering
Convened by NEES Operation Center and Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center, NIED -  Report
PEER 2014/05 - Seismic Velocity Site Characterization of Thirty-One Chilean Seismometer Stations by Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave Dispersion
Robert Kayen, Brad D. Carkin, Skye Corbet, Camilo Pinilla, Allan Ng, Edward Gorbis, and Christine Truong -  Report

Appendix A
PEER 2014/04 - Effect of Vertical Acceleration on Shear Strength of Reinforced Concrete Columns
Hyerin Lee and Khalid M. Mosalam - Report
PEER 2014/03 - Retest of Thirty-Year-Old Neoprene Isolation Bearings
James M. Kelly and Niel C. Van Engelen -  Report
PEER 2014/02 - Theoretical Development of Hybrid Simulation Applied to Plate Structures
Ahmed A. Bakhaty, Khalid M. Mosalam, and Sanjay Govindjee -  Report
PEER 2014/01 - Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Skewed Bridges
Peyman Kaviani, Farzin Zareian, and Ertugrul Taciroglu -  Report

2013 Reports

PEER 2013/26 - Urban Earthquake Engineering
Proceedings of the U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop, December 18-20, 2012, Tehran, Iran -Report
PEER 2013/25 - Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities: 2013 PEER Internship Program Research Report Collection
Heidi Tremayne (Editor), Stephen A. Mahin (Editor), Jorge Archbold Monterrosa, Matt Brosman, Shelley Dean, Katherine deLaveaga, Curtis Fong, Donovan Holder, Rakeeb Khan, Elizabeth R. Jachens, David Lam, Daniela Martinez Lopez, Mara Minner, Geffen Oren, Julia Pavicic, Melissa C. Quinonez, Lorena Rodriguez, Sean E. Salazar, Kelli Slaven, Vivian Steyert, Jenny Taing, and Salvador Tena -Report
PEER 2013/24 - NGA-West2 Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Vertical Ground Motions
- Report
PEER 2013/23 - Coordinated Planning and Preparedness for Fire Following Major Earthquakes
Charles Scawthorn -Report
PEER 2013/22 - GEM-PEER Task 3 Project: Selection of a Global Set of Ground Motion Prediction Equations
Jonathan P. Stewart, John Douglas, Mohammad B. Javanbarg, Carola Di Alessandro, Yousef Bozorgnia, Norman A. Abrahamson, David M. Boore, Kenneth W. Campbell, Elise Delavaud, Mustafa Erdik, and Peter J. Stafford -Report
PEER 2013/21 - Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges with Columns on Rocking Foundations
Grigorios Antonellis and Marios Panagiotou -Report
PEER 2013/20 - Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Seismic Behavior of Conventional and Hybrid Braced Frames
Jiun-Wei Lai and Stephen A. Mahin -Report
-Appendix A
-Appendix B
-Appendix C
-Appendix D
-Appendix E
-Appendix F
-Appendix G
-Appendix H
-Appendix I
-Appendix J
PEER 2013/19 - Toward Resilient Communities: A Performance-Based Engineering Framework for Design and Evaluation of the Built Environment
Michael William Mieler, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Robert J. Budnitz, Stephen A. Mahin, and Mary C. Comerio -Report
PEER 2013/18 - Identification of Site Parameters that Improve Predictions of Site Amplification
Ellen M. Rathje and Sara Navidi -Report
PEER 2013/17 - Response Spectrum Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Including Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction
Arnkjell L�kke and Anil K. Chopra -Report
PEER 2013/16 - Effect of hoop reinforcement spacing on the cyclic response of large reinforced concrete special moment frame beams
Marios Panagiotou, Tea Visnjic, Grigorios Antonellis, Panagiotis Galanis, and Jack P. Moehle -Report
PEER 2013/15 - A Probabilistic Framework to Include the Effects of Near-Fault Directivity in Seismic Hazard Assessment
Shrey Kumar Shahi and Jack W. Baker -Report
PEER 2013/14 - Hanging-Wall Scaling using Finite-Fault Simulations
Jennifer L. Donahue and Norman A. Abrahamson -Report
-Appendix A
-Appendix B
-Appendix C
-Appendix D
-Appendix E
-Appendix F
PEER 2013/13 - Semi-Empirical Nonlinear Site Amplification and its Application in NEHRP Site Factors
Jonathan P. Stewart and Emel Seyhan -Report
PEER 2013/12 - Nonlinear Horizontal Site Response for the NGA-West2 Project
Ronnie Kamai, Norman A. Abrahamson, Walter J. Silva -Report
Appendix B (0.1 MB, csv file)
Appendix C  (24 MB, csv file)
Appendix D (8 MB, csv file)
PEER 2013/11 - Epistemic Uncertainty for NGA-West2 Models
Linda Al Atik and Robert R. Youngs -Report
PEER 2013/10 - NGA-West2 Models for Ground-Motion Directionality
Shrey K. Shahi and Jack W. Baker -Report
PEER 2013/09 - Final Report of the NGA-West2 Directivity Working Group
Paul Spudich, Jeffrey R. Bayless, Jack W. Baker, Brian S.J. Chiou, Badie Rowshandel, Shrey K. Shahi, and Paul Somerville -Report
PEER 2013/08 - NGA-West2 Model for Estimating Average Horizontal Values of Pseudo-Absolute Spectral Accelerations Generated by Crustal Earthquakes
I. M. Idriss -Report
PEER 2013/07 - Update of the Chiou and Youngs NGA Ground Motion Model for Average Horizontal Component of Peak Ground Motion and Response Spectra
Brian S.J. Chiou and Robert R. Youngs -Report
PEER 2013/06 - NGA-West2 Campbell-Bozorgnia Ground Motion Model for the Horizontal Components of PGA, PGV, and 5%-Damped Elastic Pseudo-Acceleration Response Spectra for Periods Ranging from 0.01 to 10 sec
Kenneth W. Campbell and Yousef Bozorgnia -Report
-Appendix A
-Appendix B
PEER 2013/05 - NGA-West2 Equations for Predicting Response Spectral Accelerations for Shallow Crustal Earthquakes
David M. Boore, Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, and Gail M. Atkinson -Report
PEER 2013/04 - Update of the AS08 Ground-Motion Prediction Equations Based on the NGA-West2 Data Set
Norman A. Abrahamson, Walter J. Silva, and Ronnie Kamai -Report
PEER 2013/03 - PEER NGA-West2 Database
Timothy D. Ancheta, Robert B. Darragh, Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, Walter J. Silva, Brian S.J. Chiou, Katie E. Wooddell, Robert W. Graves, Albert R. Kottke, David M. Boore, Tadahiro Kishida, and Jennifer L. Donahue -Report
PEER 2013/02 - Hybrid Simulation of the Seismic Response of Squat Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls
Catherine A. Whyte and Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2013/01 - Housing Recovery in Chile: A Qualitative Mid-program Review
Mary C. Comerio -Report

2012 Reports

PEER 2012/08 - Guidelines for Estimation of Shear Wave Velocity
Bernard R. Wair, Jason T. DeJong, and Thomas Shantz -Report
PEER 2012/07 - Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities: 2012 PEER Internship Program Research Report Collection
Heidi Tremayne (Editor), Stephen A. Mahin (Editor), Collin Anderson, Dustin Cook, Michael Erceg, Carlos Esparza, Jose Jimenez, Dorian Krausz, Andrew Lo, Stephanie Lopez, Nicole McCurdy, Paul Shipman, Alexander Strum, Eduardo Vega -Report
PEER 2012/06 - Fragilities for Precarious Rocks at Yucca Mountain
Matthew D. Purvance, Rasool Anooshehpoor, and James N. Brune -Report
PEER 2012/05 - Development of Simplified Analysis Procedure for Piles in Laterally Spreading Layered Soils
Christopher R. McGann, Pedro Arduino, and Peter Mackenzie�Helnwein -Report
PEER 2012/04 - Unbonded Pre-Tensioned Columns for Bridges in Seismic Regions
Phillip M. Davis, Todd M. Janes, Marc O. Eberhard, and John F. Stanton -Report
PEER 2012/03 - Experimental and Analytical Studies on Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Seismically Vulnerable Beam-Column Joints
Sangjoon Park and Khalid M. Mosalam -Report updated February 5, 2013
PEER 2012/02 - Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Bridges Allowed to Uplift during Multi-Directional Excitation
Andres O. Espinoza and Stephen A. Mahin -Report -Print Resolution
PEER 2012/01 - Spectral Damping Scaling Factors for Shallow Crustal Earthquakes in Active Tectonic Regions
Sanaz Rezaeian, Yousef Bozorgnia, I.M. Idriss, Kenneth Campbell, Norman Abrahamson and Walter Silva -Report
PEER 2012/103 - Performance-Based Seismic Demand Assessment of Concentrically Braced Steel Frame Buildings
Chui-Hsin Chen and Stephen A. Mahin -Report
PEER 2012/102 - Procedure to Restart an Interrupted Hybrid Simulation: Addendum to PEER Report 2010/103
Vesna Terzic and Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2012/101 - Mechanics of Fiber Reinforced Bearings
James M. Kelly and Andrea Calabrese -Report

2011 Reports

PEER 2011/10 - Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities: 2011 PEER Internship Program Research Report Collection
Editors Heidi Faison and Stephen A. Mahin -Report
PEER 2011/09 - Calibration of Semi-Stochastic Procedure for Simulating High-Frequency Ground Motions
Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, and Robert W. Graves -Report
PEER 2011/08 - Water Supply in regard to Fire Following Earthquake
Charles Scawthorn -Report
Graphic Handout: - Fire Following Earthquake: Will water be there for firefighters?
PEER 2011/07 - Seismic Risk Management in Urban Areas
Proceedings of a U.S.-Iran-Turkey Seismic Workshop December 14-16, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey -Report
PEER 2011/06 - The Use of Base Isolation Systems to Achieve Complex Seismic Performance Objectives
Troy A. Morgan and Stephen A. Mahin -Report
PEER 2011/05 - Case Studies of the Seismic Performance of Tall Buildings Designed by Alternative Means
Task 12 Report for the Tall Buildings Initiative -Report
PEER 2011/04 - Recommended Design Practice for Pile Foundations in Laterally Spreading Ground
Scott A. Ashford, Ross W. Boulanger, and Scott J. Brandenberg -Report
PEER 2011/03 - New Ground Motion Selection Procedures and Selected Motions for the PEER Transportation Research Program
Jack W. Baker, Ting Lin, Shrey K. Shahi, and Nirmal Jayaram -Report
PEER 2011/02 - A Bayesian Network Methodology for Infrastructure Seismic Risk Assessment and Decision Support
Michelle T. Bensi, Armen Der Kiureghian, and Daniel Straub -Report
PEER 2011/01 - Demand Fragility Surfaces for Bridges in Liquefied and Laterally Spreading Ground
Scott J. Brandenberg, Jian Zhang, Pirooz Kashighandi, Yili Huo, and Minxing Zhao -Report
PEER 2011/107 - Nonlinear Site Response and Seismic Compression at Vertical Array Strongly Shaken by 2007 Niigata-ken Chuetsu-oki Earthquake
Eric Yee, Jonathan P. Stewart, and Kohji Tokimatsu -Report
-Appendix A
-Appendix B
-Appendix C
-Appendix D
PEER 2011/106 - Self Compacting Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Composites for Bridge Columns
Pardeep Kumar, Gabriel Jen, William Trono, Marios Panagiotou, and Claudia P. Ostertag -Report
PEER 2011/105 - Stochastic Dynamic Analysis of Bridges Subjected to Spatially Varying Ground Motions
Katerina Konakli and Armen Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER 2011/104 - Design and Instrumentation of the 2010 E-Defense Four-Story Reinforced Concrete and Post-Tensioned Concrete Buildings
Jointly authored by the Japanese and U.S. Research Teams -Report
PEER 2011/103 - In-Situ Monitoring of the Force Output of Fluid Dampers: Experimental Investigation
Dimitrios Konstantinidis, James M. Kelly, and Nicos Makris -Report
PEER 2011/102 - Ground-motion prediction equations 1964 - 2010
John Douglas - Published jointly by BRGM -Report
PEER 2011/101 - Report of the Eighth Planning Meeting of NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering
Convened by the Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center (NIED), NEES Consortium, Inc. -Report

2010 Reports

PEER 2010/05 - Guidelines for Performance- Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings
Developed by the Tall Buildings Initiative -Report
PEER 2010/04 - Application Guide for the Design of Flexible and Rigid Bus Connections between Substation Equipment Subjected to Earthquakes
Jean-Bernard Dastous and Armen Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER 2010/03 - Shear Wave Velocity as a Statistical Function of Standard Penetration Test Resistance and Vertical Effective Stress at Caltrans Bridge Sites
Scott J. Brandenberg, Naresh Bellana, and Thomas Shantz -Report
PEER 2010/02 - Stochastic Modeling and Simulation of Ground Motions for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Sanaz Rezaeian and Armen Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER 2010/01 - Structural Response and Cost Characterization of Bridge Construction Using Seismic Performance Enhancement Strategies
Ady Aviram, Bo�idar Stojadinovic, Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos, Kevin R. Mackie -Report
PEER 2010/111 - Modeling and Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Design and Analysis of Tall Buildings
Task 7 Report for the Tall Buildings Initiative - Published jointly by the Applied Technology Council -Report
PEER 2010/110 - Seismic Performance Assessment and Probabilistic Repair Cost Analysis of Precast Concrete Cladding Systems for Multistory Buildings
Jeffrey P. Hunt, Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2010/109 - Report of the Seventh Joint Planning Meeting of NEES/E-Defense Collaboration on Earthquake Engineering. Held at the E-Defense, Miki, and Shin-Kobe, Japan, September 18�19, 2009
Convened by the Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center (NIED), NEES Consortium, Inc. -Report
PEER 2010/108 - Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard in California
Hong Kie Thio et al -Report
PEER 2010/107 - Performance and Reliability of Exposed Column Base Plate Connections for Steel Moment-Resisting Frames
Ady Aviram, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Armen Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER 2010/106 - Verification of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Computer Programs
Patricia Thomas, Ivan Wong, Norman Abrahamson -Report
PEER 2010/105 - Structural Engineering Reconnaissance of the April 6, 2009, Abruzzo, Italy, Earthquake, and Lessons Learned
M. Selim G�nay, Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2010/104 - Simulating the Inelastic Seismic Behavior of Steel Braced Frames Including the Effects of Low-Cycle Fatigue
Yuli Huang, Stephen A. Mahin. June 2010 -Report
PEER 2010/103 - Post-Earthquake Traffic Capacity of Modern Bridges in California
Vesna Terzic, Bozidar Stojadinovc -Report
PEER 2010/102 - Analysis of Cumulative Absolute Velocity (CAV) and JMA Instrumental Seismic Intensity (I JMA) Using the PEER-NGA Strong Motion Database
Kenneth W. Campbell, Yousef Bozorgnia -Report
PEER 2010/101 - Rocking Response of Bridges on Shallow Foundations
Jose A. Ugalde, Bruce L. Kutter, Boris Jeremic -Report

2009 Reports

PEER 2009/03 - The Integration of Experimental and Simulation Data in the Study of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Systems Including Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction
Matthew Dryden and Gregory L. Fenves -Report
PEER 2009/109 - Simulation and Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Assessment of Self-Centering Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Systems
Won K. Lee and Sarah L. Billington -Report
PEER 2009/108 - PEER Lifelines Geotechnical Virtual Data Center
J. Carl Stepp, Daniel J. Ponti, Loren L. Turner, Jennifer N. Swift, Sean Devlin, Yang Zhu, Jean Benoit, and John Bobbitt -Report
Appendix 2 (148 KB)
Appendix 3 (3.4 MB)
PEER 2009/107 - Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Current and Innovative In-Span Hinge Details in Reinforced Concrete Box-Girder Bridges: Part 2: Post-Test Analysis and Design Recommendations
Matias A. Hube and Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2009/106 - Shear Strength Models of Exterior Beam-Column Joints without Transverse Reinforcement
Sangjoon Park and Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2009/105 - Reduced Uncertainty of Ground Motion Prediction Equations through Bayesian Variance Analysis
Robb Eric S. Moss -Report
PEER 2009/104 - Advanced Implementation of Hybrid Simulation
Andreas H. Schellenberg, Stephen A. Mahin, Gregory L. Fenves -Report
PEER 2009/02 - Improving Earthquake Mitigation through Innovations and Applications in Seismic Science, Engineering, Communication, and Response
Proceedings of a U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop June 29 July 1, 2009 Irvine, California -Report
PEER 2009/103 - Performance Evaluation of Innovative Steel Braced Frames
T. Y. Yang, Jack P. Moehle and Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2009/102 - Liquefaction and Nonliquefaction Case Histories from the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake
Robb Eric S. Moss, Robert Kayen, Liyuan Tong, Songyu Liu, Guojun Cai, and Jiaer Wu -Report
PEER 2009/101 - Report of the First Joint Planning Meeting for the Second Phase of NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering
Convened by the NEES Consortium, Inc. and Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention -Report
PEER 2009/01 - Evaluation of Ground Motion Selection and Modification Methods: Predicting Median Interstory Drift Response of Buildings
PEER Ground Motion Selection and Modification Working Group - Curt B. Haselton, Editor -Report
Appendix C
GroundMotionSets&Results.ZIP  (11 MB)  (156 MB)
Appendix D

2008 Reports

PEER 2008/104 - Experimental and Analytical Study of the Seismic Performance of Retaining Structures
Linda Al Atik and Nicholas Sitar -Report
PEER 2008/103 - Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Current and Innovative In-Span Hinge Details in Reinforced Concrete Box-Girder Bridges - Part 1: Experimental Findings and Pre-Test Analysis
Matias A. Hube, Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2008/102 - Modeling of Unreinforced Masonry Infill Walls Considering In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Interaction
Stephen Kadysiewski, Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2008/101 - Seismic Performance Objectives for Tall Buildings
William T. Holmes, Charles Kircher, William Petak, Nabih Youssef -Report
PEER 2008/10 - Technical Manual for Strata
Albert R. Kottke, Ellen M. Rathje -Report
PEER 2008/09 - NGA Model for Average Horizontal Component of Peak Ground Motion and Response Spectra
Brian S.-J. Chiou, Robert R. Youngs, AMEC Geomatrix -Report
PEER 2008/08 - Toward Earthquake-Resistant Design of Concentrically Braced Steel-Frame Structures
Patxi Uriz, Stephen A. Mahin -Report
PEER 2008/07 - Using OpenSees for Performance-Based Evaluation of Bridges on Liquefiable Soils
Steven L. Kramer, Pedro Arduino, HyungSuk Shin -Report
PEER 2008/06 - Shaking Table Tests and Numerical Investigation of Self-Centering Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
Hyung IL Jeong, Junichi Sakai, Stephen A. Mahin -Report
PEER 2008/05 - Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Design Evaluation Procedure for Bridge Foundations Undergoing Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Ground Displacement
Christian A. Ledezma, Jonathan D. Bray -Report
PEER 2008/04 - Benchmarking of Nonlinear Geotechnical Ground Response Analysis Procedures
Jonathan P. Stewart, Annie On-Lei Kwok, Youssef M.A. Hashash, Neven Matasovic, Robert Pyke, Zhiliang Wang, Zhaohui Yang -Report
PEER 2008/03 - Guidelines for Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Structures in California
Ady Aviram, Kevin R. Mackie, Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
Additional Files:  (zip file, 17.04 MB)  (zip file, 29.49 MB)  (zip file, 293 KB)
PEER 2008/02 - Treatment of Uncertainties in Seismic-Risk Analysis of Transportation Systems
Evangelos Stergiou, Anne S. Kiremidjian -Report
PEER 2008/01 - Seismic Performance Objectives for Tall Buildings
William T. Holmes, Charles Kircher, William Petak, Nabih Youssef -Report

2007 Reports

PEER 2007/101 - Generalized Hybrid Simulation Framework for Structural Systems Subjected to Seismic Loading
Tarek Elkhoraibi and Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2007/100 - Seismic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Including Effects of Masonry Infill Walls
Alidad Hashemi and Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2007/12 - An Assessment to Benchmark the Seismic Performance of a Code-Conforming Reinforced Concrete Moment-Frame Building
Curt B. Haselton, Christine A. Goulet, Judith Mitrani-Reiser, James L. Beck, Gregory G. Deierlein, Keith A. Porter, Jonathan P. Stewart, Ertugrul Taciroglu -Report
PEER 2007/11 - Bar Buckling in Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
Wayne A. Brown, Dawn E. Lehman, John F. Stanton -Report
Note:  If this file does not print from the browser, download the file and print from your computer.
PEER 2007/10 - Computational Modeling of Progressive Collapse in Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures
Mohamed M. Talaat, Khalid M. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2007/09 - Integrated Probabilistic Performance-Based Evaluation of Benchmark Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Kevin R. Mackie, John-Michael Wong, Bozidar Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2007/08 - Assessing Seismic Collapse Safety of Modern Reinforced Concrete Moment-Frame Buildings
Curt B. Haselton, Gregory G. Deierlein -Report
PEER 2007/07 - Performance Modeling Strategies for Modern Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
Michael P. Berry, Marc O. Eberhard -Report
PEER 2007/06 - Development of Improved Procedures for Seismic Design of Buried and Partially Buried Structures
Linda Al Atik, Nicholas Sitar -Report
PEER 2007/05 - Uncertainty and Correlation in Seismic Risk Assessment of Transportation Systems
Renee G. Lee, Anne S. Kiremidjian -Report
PEER 2007/04 - Numerical Models for Analysis and Performance-Based Design of Shallow Foundations Subjected to Seismic Loading
Sivapalan Gajan, Tara Hutchinson, Bruce Kutter, Prishati Raychowdhury, Jos� Ugalde, Jonathan Stewart -Report
PEER 2007/03 - Beam-Column Element Model Calibrated for Predicting Flexural Response Leading to Global Collapse of RC Frame Buildings
Curt B. Haselton, Abbie B. Liel, Sarah Taylor Lange, Gregory G. Deierlein -Report
PEER 2007/02 - Campbell-Bozorgnia NGA Ground Motion Relations for the Geometric Mean Horizontal Component of Peak and Spectral Ground Motion Parameters
Kenneth W. Campbell, Yousef Bozorgnia -Report
PEER 2007/01 - Boore-Atkinson NGA Ground Motion Relations for the Geometric Mean Horizontal Component of Peak and Spectral Ground Motion Parameters
David M. Boore, Gail M. Atkinson -Report

2006 Reports

PEER 2006/12 - Societal Implications of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Peter J. May -Report
PEER 2006/11 - Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis Using Advanced Ground Motion Intensity Measures, Attenuation Relationships, and Near-Fault Effects
Polsak Tothong, C. Allin Cornell -Report
PEER 2006/10 - Application of the PEER PBEE Methodology to the I-880 Viaduct
Sashi K. Kunnath -Report
PEER 2006/09 - Quantifying Economic Losses from Travel Forgone Following a Large Metropolitan Earthquake
J. Moore II, S. Cho, Y. Fan, S. Werner -Report
PEER 2006/08 - Vector-Valued Ground Motion Intensity Measures for Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis
J. Baker, C. Cornell -Report
PEER 2006/07 - Analytical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Walls for Predicting Flexural and Coupled� Shear-Flexural Responses
K. Orakcal, L. Massone, J. Wallace -Report
PEER 2006/06 - Nonlinear Analysis of a Soil-Drilled Pier System under Static and Dynamic Axial Loading
G. Wang, N. Sitar -Report
PEER 2006/05 - Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
P. Bazzurro, C. Cornell, C. Menun, M. Motahari, N. Luco -Report
PEER 2006/04 - Probabilistic Seismic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structural Components and Systems
T-H. Lee, K. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2006/03 - Performance of Lifelines Subjected to Lateral Spreading
S. Ashford, T. Juirnarongrit -Report
PEER 2006/02 - Highway Demonstration Project
A. Kiremidjian, J.Moore, Y. Yue Fan, N. Basoz, O. Yazali, M. Williams -Report
PEER 2006/01 - Bracing Berkeley: A Guide to Seismic Safety on the UC Berkeley Campus
M. Comerio, S. Tobriner, and A. Fehrenkamp -Report

2005 Reports

PEER 2005/17 - Earthquake Simulator Tests on Reducing Residual Displacements of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
J. Sakai, S. Mahin, A. Espinoza - Report (47.5 MB)
PEER 2005/16 - Seismic Response and Reliability of Electrical Substation Equipment and Systems
J. Song, A. Kiureghian, J. Sackman -Report
PEER 2005/15 - CPT-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Initiation
R. Moss, R. Seed, R. Kayen, J. Stewart, A. Kiureghian -Report
PEER 2005/14 - Workshop on Modeling of Nonlinear Cyclic Load- Deformation Behavior of Shallow Foundations
B. Kutter, G. Martin, T. Hutchinson, C. Harden, S. Gajan, J. Phalen -Report
PEER 2005/13 - Stochastic Characterization and Decision Bases under Time-Dependent Aftershock Risk in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
G. Yeo, C. Cornell -Report
PEER 2005/12 - PEER Testbed Study on a Laboratory Building: Exercising Seismic Performance Assessment
M. Comerio, Editor -Report
PEER 2005/11 - Van Nuys Hotel Building Testbed Report: Exercising Seismic Performance Assessment
H. Krawinkler, Editor -Report
PEER 2005/10 - First NEES/E-Defense Workshop on Collapse Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
PEER 2005/09 - Test Applications of Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
J. Maffei, K. Telleen, D. Mohr, W. Holmes, Y. Nakayama -Report
PEER 2005/08 - Damage Accumulation in Lightly Confined Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
R. Ranf, J. Nelson, Z. Price, M. Eberhard, J. Stanton -Report
PEER 2005/07 - Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Seismic Response of Freestanding and Anchored Laboratory Equipment
D. Konstantinidis, N.Makris -Report
PEER 2005/06 - Global Collapse of Frame Structures under Seismic Excitations
L. Ibarra and H. Krawinkler -Report
PEER 2005/05 - Performance Characterization of Bench- and Shelf-Mounted Equipment
S. Chaudhuri and T. Hutchinson -Report
PEER 2005/04 - Numerical Modeling of the Nonlinear Cyclic Response of Shallow Foundations
C. Harden, T. Hutchinson, G. Martin, B. Kutter -Report
PEER 2005/03 - A Taxonomy of Building Components for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
K. Porter -Report
PEER 2005/02 - Fragility Basis for California Highway Overpass Bridge Seismic Decision Making
K. Mackie and B. Stojadinovic -Report
PEER 2005/01 - Empirical Characterizations of Site Conditions on Strong Ground Motion
J. Stewart, Y. Choi, and R. Graves -Report

2004 Reports

PEER 2004/09 - Electrical Substation Equipment Interaction: Experimental Rigid Conductor Studies
C. Stearns and A. Filiatrault -Report
PEER 2004/08 - Seismic Qualification and Fragility Testing of Line Break 550-kV Disconnect Switches
S. Takhirov, G. Fenves, and E. Fujisaki -Report
PEER 2004/07 - Ground Motions for Earthquake Simulator Qualification of Electrical Substation Equipment
S. Takhirov, G. Fenves, E. Fujisaki, and D. Clyde -Report
PEER 2004/06 - Performance-Based Regulation and Regulatory Regimes
P. May and C. Koski -Report
PEER 2004/05 - Performance-Based Seismic Design Concepts and Implementation Proceedings of the International Workshop Bled, Slovenia, June 28 - July 1, 2004
edited by P. Fajfar and H. Krawinkler -Report
PEER 2004/04 - Seismic Performance of an Instrumented Tilt-up Wall Building
J. Anderson, V. Bertero, M. Kargahi, and M. Al Satari -Report
PEER 2004/03 - Evaluation and Application of Concrete Tilt-up Assessment Methodologies
T. Graf and J. Malley -Report
PEER 2004/02 - Analytical Investigations of New Methods for Reducing Residual Displacements of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
J. Sakai and S. Mahin -Report
PEER 2004/01 - Seismic Performance of Masonry Buildings and Design Implications
K.T. Tokoro, J. Anderson, and V. Bertero -Report

2003 Reports

PEER 2003/18 - Performance Models for Flexural Damage in Reinforced Concrete Columns
M. Berry, M. Eberhard -Report
PEER 2003/17 - Predicting Earthquake Damage in Older Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints
C. Pagni, L. Lowes -Report
PEER 2003/16 - Seismic Demands for Performance-Based Design of Bridges
K. Mackie , B. Stojadinovic -ReportAppendices C&D
PEER 2003/15 - Seismic Demands for Non-deteriorating Frame Structures and Their Dependence on Ground Motions
R. Medina, H Krawinkler -Report
PEER2003/14 - Finite Element Reliability and Sensitivity Methods for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
T. Haukaas, A. Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER2003/13 - Effects of Connection Hysteretic Degradation on the Seismic Behavior of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames
J. Rodgers, S. Mahin -Report
PEER2003/12 - Implementation Manual for the Seismic Protection of Laboratory Contents: Format and Case Studies
W. Holmes, M. Comerio -Report
PEER2003/11 - The Fifth U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
PEER2003/10 - A Beam-Column Joint Model for Simulating the Earthquake Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames
L. Lowes, N. Mitra, A. Altoontash -Report
PEER2003/09 - Sequencing Repairs after an Earthquake:An Economic Approach
M. Casari, S. Wilkie -Report
PEER2003/08 - A Technical Framework for Probability-Based Demand and Capacity Factor Design (DCFD) Seismic Formats
F. Jalayer, C. Allin Cornell -Report
PEER2003/07 - Uncertainty Specification and Propagation for Loss Estimation Using FOSM Method
J. Baker, C. Allin Cornell -Report
PEER 2003/06 - Performance of Circular Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Under Bidirectional Earthquake Loading
M. Hachem, S. Mahin, J. Moehle -Report
PEER 2003/05 - Response Assessment of Nonstructural Building Elements
S. Taghavi, E. Miranda -Report
PEER 2003/04 - Experimental Assessment of Columns with Short Lap Splices Subjected to Cyclic Loads
M. Melek, J. Wallace, J. Conte -Report
PEER 2003/03 - Probabilistic Response Assessment for Building-Specific Loss Estimation
E. Miranda, H. Aslani -Report
PEER 2003/02 - Software Framework for Collaborative Development of Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Program
J. Peng, K. Law -Report
PEER 2003/01- Shake Table Tests and Analystical Studies on the Gravity Load Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Frames
K. Elwood, J. Moehle -Report

2002 Reports

PEER 2002/24 - Performance of Beam to Column Bridge Joints Subjected to a Large Velocity Pulse
N. Gibson, A. Filiatrault, S. Ashford -Report
PEER 2002/23 - Effects of Large Velocity Pulses on Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
PEER 2002/22 - Characterization of Large Velocity Pulses for LaboratoryTesting
K. Cox, S. Ashford -Report
PEER 2002/21 - The Fourth U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
22–24 October 2002 Toba, Japan -Report
PEER 2002/20 - Barriers to Adoption and Implementation of PBEE Innovations
Peter May -Report
PEER 2002/19 - Economic-Engineering Integrated Models for Earthquakes: Socioeconomic Impacts
P. Gordon, J. Moore II, H. Richardson -Report
PEER 2002/18 - Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Building Exterior Joints with Substandard Details
C. Pantelides, J. Hansen, J. Nadauld, L. Reaveley -Report
PEER 2002/17 - Structural Characterization and Seismic Response Analysis of a Highway Overcrossing Equipped with Elastomeric Bearings and Fluid Dampers: A Case Study
N. Makris, J. Zhang -Report
PEER 2002/16 - Estimation of Uncertainty in Geotechnical Properties for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
A. Jones, S. Kramer, P. Arduino -Report
PEER 2002/15 - Seismic Behavior of Bridge Columns Subjected to Various Loading Patterns
A. Esmaeily-Gh., Y. Xiao -Report
PEER 2002/14 - Inelastic Seismic Response of Extended Pile Shaft Supported Bridge Structures
T. Hutchison, R. Boulanger, Y. Chai, I. Idriss -Report
PEER 2002/13 - Probabilistic Models and Fragility Estimates for Bridge Components and Systems
P. Gardoni, A. Der Kiureghian, K. Mosalam -Report
PEER 2002/12 - Effects of Fault Dip and Slip Rake on Near-Source Ground Motions: Why Chi-Chi Was a Relatively Mild M7.6 Earthquake
B. Aagaard, J. Hall, T. Heaton -Report
PEER 2002/11 - Analytical and Experimental Study of Fiber-Reinforced Strip Isolators
J. Kelly and S. Takhirov -Report
PEER 2002/10 - Centrifuge Modeling of Settlement and Lateral Spreading with Comparisons to Numerical Analysis
S. Gajan, B. Kutter -Report
PEER 2002/09 - Documentation and Analysis of Field Case Histories of Seismic Compression during the 1994 Northridge, CA Earthquake
J. Stewart, P. Smith, D. Whang, J. Bray -Report
PEER 2002/08 - Component Testing, Stability Analysis and Characterization of Buckling-Restrained Unbonded Braces™
C. Black, N. Makris, I. Aiken -Report
PEER 2002/07 - Seismic Performance of Pier-Wharf Connections
C. Roder, R. Graff, J. Soderstrom, J. Yoo -Report
PEER 2002/06 - The Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Evaluation of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Decisions
R. Zerbe, A. Falit-Baiamonte -Report
PEER 2002/05 - Guidelines, Specifications, and Seismic Performance Characterization of Nonstructural Building Components and Equipment
A. Filiatrault, C. Christopoulos, C. Stearns -Report
PEER 2002/04 - Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Lifelines Program: Invited Workshop on Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data
4–5 October 2001 Richmond, California -Report
PEER 2002/03 - Investigation of Sensitivity of Building Loss Estimates to Major Uncertain Variables for the Van Nuys Testbed
K. Porter, J. Beck, R. Shaikhutdinov -Report
PEER 2002/02 - The Third U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
August 16-18 Seattle WA -Report
PEER 2002/01- Nonstructural Loss Estimation: The UC Berkeley Case Study
M. Comerio, J. Stallmeyer -Report

2001 Reports

PEER 2001/16 - Statistics of SDF-System Estimate of Roof Displacement for Pushover Analysis of Buildings
A. Chopra, R. Goel, C. Chintanapakdee - Report
PEER 2001/15 - Damage to Bridges during the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake
R. Ranf, M. Eberhard, M. Berry - Report
PEER 2001/14 - Rocking Response of Equipment Anchored to a Base Foundation
N. Makris, C. Black - Report
PEER 2001/13 - Modeling Soil Liquefaction Hazards for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
S. Kramer, A. Elgamal - Report
PEER 2001/12 - Development of Geotechnical Capabilities in OpenSees
B. Jeremic - Report
PEER 2001/11 - Analytical and Experimental Study of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators
J. Kelly, S. Takhirov - Report
PEER 2001/10 - Amplification Factors for Spectral Acceleration in Active Regions
J. Stewart, A. Liu, Y. Choi, M. Baturay - Report
PEER 2001/09 - Ground Motion Evaluation Procedures for Performance-Based Design
J. Stewart, S. Chiou, J. Bray, R. Graves, P. Somerville, N. Abrahamson - Report
PEER 2001/08 - Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Beam-Column Connections for Seismic Performance
C. Naito, J. Moehle, K. Mosalam - Report
PEER 2001/07 - The Rocking Spectrum and the Shortcomings of Design Guidelines
N.Makris, D. Konstantinidis - Report
PEER 2001/06 - Development of an Electrical Substation Equipment Performance Database for Evaluation of Equipment Fragilities
T. Anagnos - Report
PEER 2001/05 - Stiffness Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators
H. Tsai, J. Kelly - Report
PEER 2001/04 - Organizational and Societal Considerations for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
P. May - Report
PEER 2001/03 - A Modal Pushover Analysis Procedure to Estimate Seismic Demands for Buildings: Theory and Preliminary Evaluation
A. Chopra, R. Goel - Report
PEER 2001/02 - Seismic Response Analysis of Highway Overcrossings Including Soil-Structure Interaction
J. Zhang and N. Makris - Report
PEER 2001/01- Experimental Study of Large Seismic Steel Beam-to-Column Connections
E. Popov, S. Takhirov - Report

2000 Reports

PEER 2000/10 - The Second U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
11–13 Sept 2000 Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan - Report
PEER 2000/09 - Structural Engineering Reconnaissance of the August 17, 1999 Earthquake: Kocaeli (Izmit), Turkey
H. Kenneth, J. Elwood, A. Whittaker, K. Mosalam, J. Wallace, J. Stanton - Report
PEER 2000/08 - Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Having Varying Aspect Ratios and Varying Lengths of Confinement
A. Calderone, D. Lehman, J. Moehle - Report
PEER 2000/07 - Cover-Plate and Flange-Plate Reinforced Steel Moment-Resisting Connections
T. Kim, A. Whittaker, A. Gilani, V. Bertero, S. Takhirov - Report
- Errata (posted June 7, 2019)
PEER 2000/06 - Seismic Evaluation and Analysis of 230-kV Disconnect Switches
A. Gilani, A. Whittaker, G. Fenves, C. Chen, H. Ho, E. Fujisaki - Report
PEER 2000/05 - Performance-Based Evaluation of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Building Joints for Seismic Excitation
C. Clyde, C. Pantelides, L. Reaveley - Report
PEER 2000/04 - An Evaluation of Seismic Energy Demand: An Attenuation Approach
C. Chou, C. Uang - Report
PEER 2000/03 - Framing Earthquake Retrofitting Decisions: The Case of Hillside Homes in Los Angeles
D. von Winterfeldt, N. Roselund, A. Kitsuse - Report
PEER 2000/02 - U.S. Japan Workshop on the Effects of Near-Field Earthquake Shaking March 20–21, 2000 San Francisco, California
A. Whittaker - Report
PEER 2000/01 - Further Studies on Seismic Interaction in Interconnected Electrical Substation Equipment
A. Der Kiureghian, K. Hong, J. Sackman - Report

1999 Reports

PEER 1999/14 - Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of 230-kV Porcelain Transformer Bushings
A. Gilani, A. Whittaker, G. Fenves, E. Fujisaki -Report
PEER 1999/13 - Building Vulnerability Studies: Modeling and Evaluation of Tilt-up and Steel Reinforced Concrete Buildings
J. Wallace, J. Stewart, A. Whittaker -Report
PEER 1999/12 Rehabilitation of Nonductile RC Frame Building Using Encasement Plates and Energy-Dissipating Devices
M. Sasani, V. Bertero, J. Anderson -Report
PEER 1999/11 - Performance Evaluation Database for Concrete Bridge Componentsand Systems under Simulated Seismic Loads
Y. Hose, F. Seible -Report
PEER 1999/10 - U.S. Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
September 13, 1999 Maui, Hawaii -Report
PEER 1999/09 - Performance Improvement of Long Period Building Structures Subjected to Severe Pulse-Type Ground Motions
J. Anderson, V. Bertero, R. Bertero -Report
PEER 1999/08 Envelopes for Seismic Response Vectors
C. Menun, A. Der Kiureghian -Report
PEER 1999/07 - Documentation of Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Computer Analysis Methods for Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Members
W. Cofer -Report
PEER 1999/06 - Rocking Response and Overturning of Anchored Equipment under Seismic Excitations
N. Makris, J. Zhang -Report
PEER 1999/05 - Seismic Evaluation of 550 kV Porcelain Transformer Bushings
A. Gilani, A. Whittaker, G. Fenves, E. Fujisaki -Report
PEER 1999/04 - Adoption and Enforcement of Earthquake Risk-Reduction Measures
P. May, R. Burby, T. Feeley, R. Wood -Report
PEER 1999/03 - Task 3: Characterization of Site Response General Site Categories
A. Rodríguez-Marek, J. Bray, N. Abrahamson -Report
PEER 1999/02 - Capacity-Demand-Diagram Methods for Estimating Seismic Deformation of Inelastic Structures: SDF Systems
A. Chopra, R. Goel -Report
PEER 1999/01 - Interaction in Interconnected Electrical Substation Equipment Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motions
A. Der Kiureghian, J. Sackman, K.Hong -Report

1998 Reports