Northridge 20 Symposium Summary Report, PEER Report 2014-07


On the 20th anniversary of the Northridge earthquake, more than 600 people gathered in Los Angeles to share the impacts of the 1994 earthquake, highlight accomplishments of the past two decades, and identify necessary steps forward to make our communities more resilient to future earthquakes. This event, called the Northridge 20 Symposium, drew participants from a broad range of disciplines, including earth scientists, structural engineers, risk modelers, emergency managers, and public officials. This summary report presents the findings and recommendations for each of the 11 key areas studied during the symposium. For each topic area, several of the conference participants collaborated to summarize symposium discussions and to determine the next steps needed in these fields to achieve earthquake resilience.

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H. Tremayne
S. A. Mahin
J. Maffei
D. McCarthy
J. Bwarie
Publication date: 
January 7, 2014
Publication type: 
Technical Report
Tremayne, H., Mahin, S. A., McCarthy, D., & Bwarie, J. (2014). Northridge 20 Symposium Summary Report, PEER Report 2014-07. Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, CA.