PEER NGA-West2 Database, PEER Report 2013-03


The NGA-West2 project database expands on the current PEER NGA ground-motion database to include worldwide ground-motion data recorded from shallow crustal earthquakes in active tectonic regimes post 2003. Since 2003, numerous well-recorded events have occurred worldwide, including the 2003 M6.6 Bam (Iran), 2004 M6 Parkfield (California), 2008 M7.9 Wenchuan (China), 2009 M6.3 L’Aquila (Italy), 2010 M7.2 El Mayor-Cucupah (California and Mexico), 2010 M7 Darfield (New Zealand), 2011 M6.2 Christchurch (New Zealand), and several well-recorded shallow crustal earthquakes in Japan, among other events. The expanded database also includes 21,336 three-component records from 600 shallow crustal events with small-to-moderate magnitude located in CA. The NGA database has been extensively expanded to include the recorded ground-motion data and metadata, in these and other recent events. The updated database has a magnitude range of 3 to 7.9, and a rupture distance range of 0.05 to 1533 km. The estimated or measured time-averaged shear-wave velocity in the top 30 m at the recording sites ( Vs30) ranges from 94 to 2100 m/sec. The NGA-West2 database more than doubles the size of the previous NGA database for moderate-to-large magnitude events (M > 6). The database includes uniformly processed time series as well as response spectral ordinates for 111 periods ranging from 0.01 to 20 sec and 11 different damping ratios. Extensive metadata have also been collected and added to the data base. The expanded database is currently being utilized by NGA researchers to update the 2008 ground-motion prediction equations.


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Timothy D. Ancheta
Robert B. Darragh
Jonathan P. Stewart
Emel Seyhan
Walter J. Silva
Brian S.J. Chiou
Katie E. Wooddell
Robert W. Graves
Albert R. Kottke
David M. Boore
Tadahiro Kishida
Jennifer L. Donahue
Publication date: 
May 2, 2013
Publication type: 
Technical Report
Ancheta, T. D., Darragh, R. B., Stewart, J. P., Seyhan, E., Silva, W. J., Chiou, B. S. J., Wooddell, K. E., Graves, R. W., Kottke, A. R., Boore, D. M., Kishida, T., & Donahue, J. L. (2013). PEER NGA-West2 Database, PEER Report 2013-03. Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, CA.