Response Assessment of Nonstructural Building Elements, PEER Report 2003-05


A database is developed in this study for the adequate organization, storage, and easy retrieval of information related to the seismic performance of nonstructural components and contents of commercial buildings. The database addresses several problems and aspects of nonstructural components including damage and cost information. The performance of nonstructural components including damage descriptions and information about ground motions and structures are investigated and collected in the database. Also included are numerous photos of damaged components with a detailed damage description for each. The data are accessible through a search engine designed for the database using several graphical user interfaces. Fragility curves are explained as well as issues regarding data collection and development of these components. Part of the database is dedicated to the cost information about nonstructural components. A cost breakdown of several typical commercial buildings in the database is presented along with some comparisons. Cost functions that represent the cost of repair of components are explained, and an example for the development of these functions is presented. A new classification of nonstructural components is proposed. The proposed classification is designed to match with what is needed in performance-based design. The nonstructural components are classified according to their functionality in the building and to the sensitive structural response parameter. Damage states are defined for the components and their respective damage states. Several repercussions of the damage states from a performance perspective are listed.

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Shahram Taghavi
Eduardo Miranda
Publication date: 
January 5, 2003
Publication type: 
Technical Report
Taghavi, S., & Miranda, E. (2003). Response Assessment of Nonstructural Building Elements, PEER Report 2003-05. Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, CA.