Tools for Funded PEER Researchers

This page contains links to some resources that you will find useful while you are a funded PEER researcher.

Report Preparation & Submission

1. Read the PEER Report Submission Guidelines (updated November 2021)

2. Review Writing Tips (PDF, 50KB) on punctuation and word usage.

3a. Download the PEER Report Template (Word, 626 KB) (updated January 2024). To use the template, download the template file to your Word templates folder, and save the template. Then create a new document based on the template OR reformat your current document by applying the template page setup and styles.


3b. PEER has a LaTeX report template for use in creating PEER-formatted research reports. This LaTeX template approximates as closely as possible the current WORD template. PEER requests that when authors upload their LaTeX-generated PDF that they also include their CLS and input files to help facilitate the editing of report files.

4. A 2-page “research nuggets” document (Word, 20KB) should be submitted along with the final PEER report draft of all PEER-funded projects. The “research nuggets” is different from the report abstract because it is a high-level view of what is contained in the PEER report and is structured around the Why, How, What, and Who questions related to the research.

5. A "checklist for authors" document (Word, 17KB) should be submitted with the report files. Please review the report material with the list before making a submittal.

6. Permissions: Previously published materials must be accompanied by written permission from the author and publisher.

Submit your report via the PEER Online Report Submission system

Presentation Tools

Travel Reimbursement Forms

Policies and Contractual Documents

As a PEER funded researcher you are required to adhere to the following policies: