PEER Report Submission Guidelines for Researchers

PEER Report – Process

The process of publishing PEER Reports has undergone a streamlining process which is summarized below. The latest template, formatting requirements, and other guidelines can be found at If you have any questions about the templates or process please email PEER at (Effective November 2021)

  1. Author’s Submittal to the PEER reports portal [],
    Author to include the attachments listed below:
    1. Report using PEER report template: .doc and PDF;
      OR .LaTeX [URL coming soon], PDF, and “support files” (CLS and input files)
    2. Research nugget .doc and PDF
    3. “Checklist for Authors” .doc
    4. Permissions: Previously published materials must be accompanied by written permission from the author and publisher.
  2. PEER will conduct a quick review per “Checklist for Authors” items.
  3. PEER to Author
    1. PEER sends the annotated “Checklist for Authors” sheet to author. There will be no markups on documents.
    2. PEER requests that the author re-submits the “Checklist for Authors” sheet with confirmation of edits, and author resubmits the edited files and PDFs in camera-ready form. (Note that PEER will assign a report number, date, DOI, and create a report cover after the author’s resubmittal.)
  4. PEER will review files to confirm that edits were made and determine if a resubmittal is required (item 3).
  5. PEER will complete production of the report
    1. Assign report number, date, DOI, and create cover.
    2. Publish and disseminate the Report and Research Nugget via PEER website, electronic newsletter, and other media as appropriate.