PEER Reports: LaTex Template

January 15, 2019

PEER has just released a LaTex report template for use in creating PEER-formatted research reports.  This template was developed in response to requests from researchers to include a LaTex template in addition to the current WORD template.  This LaTex template approximates as closely as possible the current WORD template.

PEER would like to thank Professor Pedro Arduino and his research colleagues at the University of Washington for their generosity in letting PEER use their file as the basis for the PEER Report LaTex Template.  PEER has included the CLS file, naturally, and has also included the input files because Professor Arduino and his colleagues did such a superb job of coding for equations, tables, figures, etc., in accordance with the PEER Report format, that PEER thinks it would be instructive to include all of his files to see how they fit together as a unit. PEER asks that if you use Professor Arduino's file as the basis for your manuscript, that you acknowledge him and his research group at University of Washington appropriately.

Go to "Tools for Funded PEER Researchers" to access the template. PEER requests that when authors upload their LaTex-generated PDF that they also include their CLS and input files to help facilitate the editing of report files.