StEER: Virtual Assessment Team Enrollment for Palu Earthquake & Tsunami

November 1, 2018

StEER is pleased to announce that its Associate Director for Assessment Technologies, Ian Robertson of the University of Hawaii, Manoa, just completed a successful field assessment for the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami as part of an international collaboratory.

StEER is now enlisting members for the Virtual Assessment Team (VAT) that will work with Ian to analyze the collected data and author the Early Access Event Reconnaissance (EARR) report. A DOI will be generated when the report is curated in DesignSafe, with authorship by all VAT contributors.

If you wish to join the VAT for the Palu Earthquake and Tsunami, please send a Direct Message to Tracy Kijewski-Correa (handle: tkijewsk) on NHERI DesignSafe’s Slack platform. All StEER coordination is conducted in Slack because of the swift nature of response.

How to Access Slack:

If you have not done so already, create a DesignSafe-CI account using this link. After you have registered an account, you will be automatically added to the Slack community within a day – often within hours (see explanation here). Slack is the real-time collaboration tool for all StEER teams. 

StEER Event Report

Robertson, Ian; Kijewski-Correa, Tracy; Roueche, David; Prevatt, David, (2018-10-04), “PALU EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI, SUWALESI, INDONESIA PRELIMINARY VIRTUAL ASSESSMENT TEAM (PVAT) REPORT” , DesignSafe-CI [publisher], Dataset, doi:10.17603/DS2XD5S []

Additional StEER event reports can be found at