New PEER Report Published: 2013/24 “NGA-West2 Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Vertical Ground Motions”

PEER has just published Report No. 2013/24 titled “NGA-West2 Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Vertical Ground Motions” as a new addition to the PEER Report Series.

Visit the PEER publications page to download a free color pdf of the document.

This report documents the development of the NGA-West2 empirical ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for ground-motion intensity measures derived from recordings of the vertical component of ground motion. The extensive and expanded PEER NGA-West2 ground-motion database recorded from shallow crustal earthquakes in active tectonic domains was used to develop GMPEs for the vertical component of peak ground acceleration (PGA), peak ground velocity (PGV), and 5%-damped elastic pseudo-absolute acceleration response spectral ordinates (PSA) at periods ranging from 0.01 to 3 sec (the NGA-West2 consensus period range for vertical component).

Other research products and findings of the NGA-West2 project, including the development of a comprehensive database of ground motion recorded worldwide and development of GMPEs for horizontal components, have been published in a series of reports by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER). The focus of this report is on vertical ground motion. Since the NGA-West2 database and numerous NGA-West2 PEER reports have already been published and can be referenced, the consensus of the NGA-West2 GMPE developers was that for vertical ground motion a single PEER report with independent chapters authored by different NGA-West2 GMPE developers would be published. Each chapter of this report explains the details of a specific GMPE for vertical component developed by a specific ground-motion model developer team.