Request for Proposals – PEER Transportation Systems Research Program

PEER is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals for the PEER Transportation Systems Research Program (TSRP).

Funding from the TSRP supports transportation-related research that uses and extends PEER’s performance-based earthquake engineering (PBEE) methodologies, and integrates fundamental knowledge, enabling technologies and systems. The program also aims to integrate seismological, geotechnical, structural, hydrodynamic and socio-economical aspects of earthquake engineering, and involve theoretical, computational, experimental and field investigations. The program also encourages vigorous interactions between practitioners and researchers.  As an outcome of this Request For Proposals, funding is expected for about 15 projects, which will amount to a total of approximately $1 million of research funding.

This request for proposals is for one- and two-year projects related to the seismic and tsunami performance of transportation systems. The proposed projects should be aligned with the current TSRP research priorities (outlined in Appendix A of the solicitation) and vision.

Regardless of the technical area, all projects must:
1. be led by investigators from the PEER core institutions. PEER Business and Industry Partners (BIPs) interested in this solicitation are strongly encouraged to collaborate with the researchers at PEER’s core institutions and submit a joint proposal.
2. contribute substantially to the PBEE of transportation systems.
3. enable substantial progress for a reasonable investment (e.g., based on previous research or matching opportunities).
4. have significant broader impacts and potential to be expanded as bigger projects.

View the detailed solicitation, proposal template, and submission instructions.

The deadline for technical proposal submissions is 11:59pm PDT, October 15, 2017.