Title Author Year Publication typesort ascending
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Influence of Kinematic SSI on Foundation Input Motions for Bridges on Deep Foundations, PEER Report 2017-08 Benjamin J. Turner; Scott J. Brandenberg; Johnathan P. Stewart 2017 Technical Report
NGA-East: Adjustments to Median Ground-Motion Models for Central and Eastern North America, PEER Report 2015-08 2015 Technical Report
Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges with Columns on Rocking Foundations, PEER Reports 2013-21 Grigorios Antonellis; Marios Panagiotou 2013 Technical Report
Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities: 2011 PEER Internship Program Research Report Collection, PEER Report 2011-10 Heidi Faison; Stephen A. Mahin 2011 Technical Report
Rocking Response of Bridges on Shallow Foundations, PEER Report 2010-101 Jose A. Ugalde; Bruce L. Kutter; Boris Jeremic 2010 Technical Report
Integrated Probabilistic Performance-Based Evaluation of Benchmark Reinforced Concrete Bridges, PEER Report 2007-09 Kevin R. Mackie; John-Michael Wong; Bozidar Stojadinovic 2007 Technical Report
Global Collapse of Frame Structures under Seismic Excitations, PEER Report 2005-06 Luis F. Ibarra; Helmut Krawinkler 2005 Technical Report
Shake Table Tests and Analystical Studies on the Gravity Load Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Frames, PEER Report 2003-01 Kenneth John Elwood; Jack P. Moehle 2003 Technical Report
Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Beam-Column Connections for Seismic Performance, PEER Report 2001-08 Clay J. Naito; Jack P. Moehle; Khalid M. Mosalam 2001 Technical Report
Behavior And Failure Analysis Of A Multiple-Frame Highway Bridge In The 1994 Northridge Earthquake, PEER Report 1998-08 Gregory L. Fenves; Michael Ellery 1998 Technical Report